Updates On Cena’s Divorce, Henry’s Surgery, Big Show’s Firing

– With the news of John Cena’s divorce becoming public last week, there are those who believe it’s going to get ugly – and ugly fast. John Cena’s wife signed a very restrictive prenuptial agreement back in 2009 and recently turned down a financial settlement offer.

This is just speculation, but don’t be shocked to see Cena’s ex to “make some noise” (talking to TMZ, writing a tell-all book) in hopes of getting paid off to go away.

– Despite his “firing” on Monday’s RAW, Big Show is currently advertised for WWE’s upcoming tour of Mexico and all SmackDown tapings and live events in June.

– Mark Henry announced on Twitter this week that he was undergoing Surgery on Tuesday and would retire if he could no longer compete at his best. No word yet on how the procedure went, but it’s worth noting that Henry is not advertised for any WWE live events until RAW on June 25th.

(Partial source: Figure 4 Weekly)