Updates On Cena’s Divorce, Henry’s Surgery, Big Show’s Firing

Posted by Matt Boone May 16, 2012 11 Comments

– With the news of John Cena’s divorce becoming public last week, there are those who believe it’s going to get ugly – and ugly fast. John Cena’s wife signed a very restrictive prenuptial agreement back in 2009 and recently turned down a financial settlement offer.

This is just speculation, but don’t be shocked to see Cena’s ex to “make some noise” (talking to TMZ, writing a tell-all book) in hopes of getting paid off to go away.

– Despite his “firing” on Monday’s RAW, Big Show is currently advertised for WWE’s upcoming tour of Mexico and all SmackDown tapings and live events in June.

– Mark Henry announced on Twitter this week that he was undergoing Surgery on Tuesday and would retire if he could no longer compete at his best. No word yet on how the procedure went, but it’s worth noting that Henry is not advertised for any WWE live events until RAW on June 25th.

(Partial source: Figure 4 Weekly)

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    • jFu7OCRLrx

      So sorry to here that about John Cena Good luck and be happy…

    • Chris

      Sounds like this woman is a gold digger. Without Cena, this woman would have nothing. Cena will rise above this and be the man that he is.

      • Broski

        I don’t know about this, but I’ve read somewhere in this site that it may be Cena who filed for the divorce. Still, I haven’t had news on why did they divorce.

        • Wrestlehead

          The divorce was definitely Cena’s idea if you read the other story. As for why they got divorced, we may never hear the reason. It’s only natural to assume we will since he’s a celebrity and we’re so used to being ‘in the know’ when it comes to all the dirt, but divorce is a highly personal thing, so I say good for them for letting no dirty laundry air as of yet.

          I do agree though that if Liz tries to take Cena for all he’s worth, as a form of retribution, that that’s not right. I hope that the article isn’t accurate and that this does not become a giant mud slinging contest like Hogan’s divorce.

    • John Laryngitis

      at least he’s still at RAW doing promos.
      i think his promo on RAW was gonna be the best promo for this month, he’s really funny saying ‘loser’ in the face of Mr. Boring.

      as for Show, he’s still a part of WWE and still part of a storyline between Cena and Mr Boring.

    • L

      If she didn’t like the terms of pre-nup she shouldn’t have agreed to sign it in the first place, but she did, so she should just grow a spine and deal with it. Like him or not, I didn’t see her bustin’ her ass to earn all those millions, it was him & him alone.

    • Ms Cena Sucs

      Linda Hogan and I will be joining Chyna on her next movie set entitled “YES,YES,YES”

    • Broskii

      why is it that everytime a high profile celebrity gets a divorce, the woman feels like she is entitled to half of his money! i mean i can see if hey had 4 kids and it was solely up to her to rise them,but that is not the case for most celebrity divorces! john cena busts his ass off for the wwe. i am not a cena fan but im not blind either, that guy travels across this planet more than anyone else i know of, just for the simple fact of entertaining people. she DID sign the pre-nup so i dont know how this would even be a case, but ofcorse women like her, linda hogan and linda mccartney all give women a bad name by thretening to ruin the guys only way of earning a living, by soiling the guys reputation/life. and all for what? some money! and women wonder why chivalry is dead!

    • http://www.facebook.com/carman.huey Carman Huey

      so Cena’s woman is gonna do the same thing Linda did with hogan smear the mans name just to get attention and money….Look I dont know the woman but man why would you freaking do that? Woman who are married to men who bust there butt off and are famous. The woman get the divorse down and want to trash the man. Why? Is there some memo that woman who get when they get married I mean honestly

    • kim

      so sorry to hear about john’s divorce…..hope it does not get ugly, but if it does, do what your shirts always say and rise above the hate…nothing she can do will diminish the respect so many people have for you…you are surely a super star who cares about what he does and that will make a big difference…hold your head high and know that you have many people that love you…

    • http://www.facebook.com/WolfLink22 Matt Rayfield

      Cena will get through it. As for Big Show i hope his storyline is to help cena get rid of the useless trash that we know Johnny Ace is as a gm. As for Henry well if he can’t come back and do good storylines then he is right about possible retirement.

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