Vader Looking to Make a Comeback, Paul Heyman Teaser Before RAW, Goldust News

Posted by Matt Boone June 12, 2012 9 Comments

- As noted before, Goldust will return to the ring on July 14th in Hollywood, Florida for the NWA Ring Warriors promotion and their Hollywood Heatwave event. Goldust will be wrestling Vordell Walker.

– Paul Heyman posted the following teaser on Twitter before RAW last night:

“@WWE #TheBossIsBack Yes, Brock Lesnar and I are indeed back. WHERE? Remains to be seen! Ahem …”

– As seen on RAW last night, Vader returned to action and defeated Heath Slater. reports that the 58 year old former World Heavyweight Champion is looking to make a comeback after recently dropping 60 pounds.

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    • WWE

      well, Vader honestly didn’t look a day older last night on RAW, he has a bit of ring rust and more weight to lose but with a heavy work schedule that would probably be solved in no time. Fans of Vader would probably be happy to hear this news, though fans who never liked Vader or had never heard of him will need some convincing if he does manage to get a contract.

      • Aztec

        wouldnt be a bad pickup and i think his son is in fcw i believe.

    • b-ri

      i loved the pop he got last night from the crowd although it really got me mad to see all the kids in green shirts just sit there with a dumbfounded look on their face i know its not their fault they dont know him but if you watch closely you’ll realize that 90% of them dont cheer for any one else but cena

      • Ice

        remember they were just born or not even alive at the time to know or remember who Vader was…i bet they didn’t even understand Slater, when Slater kept repeating “its time, its time”

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Bring back Tatanka too!

      • Lone Wolf

        They tried that before….

    • PJT

      I’m 16, and I almost had a heart attack when Vader’s music hit. I did my homework when I started watching wrestling again a few years ago. I’d love to see him come back, but not for too long. He looked alright in the ring. He can still go, just not sure how long his age will give him.

    • MRNC

      That would be awesome to see Vader back! He looks really young! He doesn’t look no where close to his age! And is amazing in the ring!

    • Mark Henry

      Vader Looking to Make a Comeback, gonna be tough after his scenery chewing in Episode 3.

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