Wrestlers’ Weights, Vengeance News, Windham Update

Posted by Brad Davis October 28, 2011 Comments are off

— WWE’s Vengeance event in San Antonio, TX on Sunday drew about 8,000 fans. This is considered a disappointment for the company.

— As previously noted, several weeks ago WWE began a new initiative to announce wrestlers at their real weights. WWE has now modified their plan, and the minimum weight wrestlers will be billed at is 210 pounds. Wrestlers under 210 will be billed at 210, and wrestlers over that weight will be billed at their real weight. This is done to portray the smaller wrestlers as “larger than life.”

— Former WWE executive Donna Goldsmith has started a new job as the GM of Operations for the 2014 New York/New Jersey Super Bowl Host Committee. She worked closely with Vince McMahon for years before leaving the company in early 2011.

— Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion remains in an intensive care unit in Florida after suffering what is believed to be a heart attack earlier this week.

Robert Windham (a/k/a Blackjack Mulligan), his father, initially described the condition of the 50-year-old as “near death,” and asked for people to pray for him. However, he later stated that there was “much improvement” in his son but had a “long recovery” ahead.

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