Vickie Spoils RAW & SmackDown, Eve’s Return, Kofi SyFy Preview, Tamina

Posted by Matt Boone June 20, 2012 13 Comments

- One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston filmed an episode of SyFy’s Fact or Faked program. That episode will air next Tuesday night.

– FCW trainer Bill DeMott wrote on Twitter that WWE Diva Tamina Snuka has “big things coming her way.”

– As noted before, WWE Diva Eve Torres has been away from TV because she’s filmed NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes reality show that premieres in August. Eve will be making her return to RAW next Monday night.

– Vickie Guerrero revealed on Twitter that she will be the General Manager of RAW and SmackDown next week. The official announcement will be made by WWE on this Friday’s SmackDown. Vickie wrote:

“RAW and Smackdown next week…tune in!!! Vickie Guerrero shows how it’s done as GM…sending thank you card to board of directors ASAP”

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    • xpac>2pac

      Bill Demott is gonna show Tamina his Hugh G. Rection… and that’s no maughing matter!!

      • GhostDistortion

        I’m gay for your Hugh G.Rection

    • “Original” GhostDistortion

      Glad to know the trolls finally figured out they can just use any name they want on here and pretend to be whoever the hell they like.

      • Rock n Troll

        You should be glad Hugh G. Rection doesnt come give you a booty call apparently..

    • OneManGan>OneManBand

      xpac>2pac worships my dick

    • Mark Henry

      I’m gay

    • wrestling fan

      vickie is another big johnny the dont need her either they need someone that knows something about wrestling she knows nothing except on how to he a well the female hoeskie.

    • xpac>2pac

      “OneManGan” is just jealous I banged Chyna… whose dick is bigger than his

    • Ice

      Its enough to just hear her announce Dolph Ziggler and hear her give them horrible shouts and screams, and now we gotta go a week hearing her run things?? I rather withstand another week of People Power than hear Vickie.

    • old fart 67

      please don’t let vickie do this there need to put cold stve and you will have a best show on raw&smack down all she going to do look silly.

    • Matt Rayfield

      if this is the case i won’t watch raw or smackdown next week. i will tune in for more mick foley this week tho.

    • Kurt Angle

      I can be on SyFy, With A Broken Freaking Neck!

    • Captain Chaos

      Vickie spoils Raw, even without opening her bit mouth. Lets have “Dances With Dudley” as guest GM. At least you’ll get a laugh, even if you can’t understand a single word he says

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