Victim of CM Punk Attack Not Pressing Charges

Posted by Matt Boone October 10, 2012 9 Comments

CBS 13 reporter Laura Cole posted the following update on the CM Punk/fan incident via Twitter:

“Just got an update from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department about the alleged incident involving @CMPunk. The Sheriff’s Department says at this point the fan does not want to proceed any further and there is no evidence that a crime occurred. The Sheriff’s Department also says the video is not part of the investigation because there is no investigation.”

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    • Guest

      No evidence eh? They should try youtube lol

      • iNexus

        What they meant about that is that the guy has no bruise or anything to show that he is injured. A video evidence will only count if they’re doing an investigation, which they aren’t, since the fan isn’t pressing charges.

    • Broski

      At least the fan has some class not to press charges. After all, he started it.

      • Common Sense

        No, he was actually innocent. Look at the video. It was a fan BEHIND THAT FAN that did the act, but Punk mistook the other guy because the asshole that did it ran away as soon as he touched him. To make himself look even more like an asshole, the fan that hit Punk actually went to Twitter and BRAGGED about it.
        So the guy that got hit did have a legit cause to press charges, but like you said, he has enough class and common sense to know it was a misunderstanding. :)

        • Dr.Eams

          yup , actually the guy who was bragging about it is actually believed not to be him… there’s a lot of people pointing out that the guy on the video looks way fatter than the one claiming that on twitter(i agree) but well , the story is over now :)

        • Sofa

          THX a lot for saying that…it looked to me like he wanted to hit punk while taking on his glasses….men u gotta look very close for that one

        • Broski

          Yeah, I stand corrected. It was the guy behind that fan. Sorry fan! Here’s the video:

          • bluebook

            That’s not entirely accurate. The fan Punk attacked did hit Punk in the head while putting his glasses on, but it appeared to be accidental. However, I don’t think Punk would have smacked that guy if that other asshole had not pushed Punk twice before the incident. It does appear Punk thought the guy he attacked was also the one who pushed him twice.

    • Mason Riley

      ehh he got a free t-shirt and a soda he is happy

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