Video Of Cena’s Road To Recovery, Dolph Ziggler Teaches You How To Be Cool

Posted by Matt Boone October 16, 2013 2 Comments

-WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler appeared on a local morning television show in Kansas City to promote Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown and Main Event taping in the city. During the interview, Ziggler attempts to teach the news anchor of the show how to be cool. You can watch it online at

-WWE added the video from Monday’s RAW that featured John Cena’s road to recovery from injury to their official YouTube channel. Fans interested in checking that out can do so below:

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    • LunaStarAngel

      Alberto Del Rio is a champion! So is Randy Orton! And so are IWC smarks! They’ve had to face against John Cena time and time again! They deserve to win against him and so does that Skinhead girl who honestly doesn’t know anything except…she has to eventually get into WWE and even though, she isn’t the best athlete or anything,…and all she has is a dream. Defeat John Cena and regain…once again bring honor back to WWE! It saddens her that she isnt allowed to do more to help things be right, She doesn’t believe that any of the WWE Superstars aren’t champions. they all are. But her?! The little skinhead chick who wants to marry Randy Keith Orton?? I say she ought to just GO FOR IT AND DO IT ANYWAY! Even though John Cena wants to make himself look like he’s a champion and all the guys and divas do the same. You know how it is….most of them, they look and behave like champions. But Skinhead Randy Orton??? Let alone a Skinhead girl who honestly feels angry with John Cena for getting away with harming Randy Orton and for harming her?! Thing is even if she wants to marry Randy and be physically affectionate with him and have him do that with her and have him
      Oh well….she ought to go to college, get in shape and all that and be patient with herself. Cena is a natural athlete who just happens to be at his best physically speaking all the time. She knows that Randy Orton’s been wrestling injured and he has more heart than anyone else in WWE so in order to prove she loves Randy Orton she’ll have to pull off what seems to be and feels impossible….
      i say if she can she ought to be patient and do things she needs to do, don’t worry about how much farther ahead Cena and others in WWE are ahead of her athletically…she should just pursue her interests and eventually get herself into WWE and fucking kick John Cena’s ass for antagonizing her, Randy Orton and other people in WWE as well!
      I’d pay money to see that happen and it’d be worth having happen!

      • Ste

        How the hell is that going to happen if she doesn’t pursue it?

        Answer: It won’t if she doesn’t take things a step at a time, go at her own pace and do things she needs to do to improve herself and get in WWE with a dog or two and earn Randy Orton’s, John Cena’s Triple H’s and the WWE Superstars, Divas and referees and announcers, smarks and marks hearts and their respect!

        I believe she should channel her anger and frustration about things and use it to motivate her and use it to defeat the negativity and hopelessness she feels watching Cena always win and always be champion! It’s about time that she reclaims her birthright as champion and that John Cena was allowed to rob from her, Randy Orton and everyone else in WWE and all those who are watching WWE!

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