Video: CM Punk vs. Steve Austin Sit Down Interview (Hosted By Jim Ross)

Posted by Brad Davis October 15, 2012 8 Comments

Paul Heyman’s Looking4Larry Agency presents this global exclusive! WWE Hall of Famer Good Ol’ JR (Jim Ross) interviewing the current reigning defending WWE Champion CM Punk and the single greatest superstar in WWE history, Stone Cold Steve Austin about their potential “biggest match of all time” … in the THQ WWE ’13 video game,of course. Or … ???

Just three days before WWE SUMMER SLAM 2012, on a closed set in Hollywood, California, THE LOOKING4LARRY AGENCY filmed a viral video as part of the promotion for THQ’s WWE ’13 video game that is destined to become a destination point of controversy for a long time to come.

The current reigning defending WWE Champion CM Punk and the single greatest Superstar in WWE history, Stone Cold Steve Austin debated each other in a forum hosted by “Good Ol’ JR” Jim Ross. The subject matter?


What if Punk and Austin actually fought? Whether in the Attitude Era, or in present day WWE, the question is quite intriguing, and one of the key components to the WWE ’13 experience is the fact you can make that match happen … in the video game, of course.

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    • I’m on Pills

      Good Jebus… Stone Cold seems hammered!? wtf is with his kayfabe lame “attitude”.. gimme a break??

    • ^^^ This guys on pills

      LOL, “Greatest video game in the history of technology”. That just made me spit my drink all over my monitor

    • Roger A. Picard

      Austin vs Punk, Wrestlemaina

    • Jorge


    • Jelly

      video = giant cock tease.

    • Pam Yonke

      i would love to see Stone Cold open up a can of 100% pure Whoop Ass!!!!

    • random dude

      christ steve, too many stevewisers?

    • Charles Smith

      i wold love to see stone cold go against punk.

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