VIDEO: Daniel Bryan Reacts To Fan Criticism Over Handling Of His WWE Storyline

The following are highlights from a recent PWInsider TV interview with WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan:

On fans being critical of the way WWE is handling his current storyline: “Let them be critical. I’ve always thought that. The fans have the right to say what they what and to be critical about something. If you don’t like it, say it. We live in a free country and the problem is that people don’t voice their opinions enough. People sit on their hands too much and don’t say what they want, say what they really believe in. If they believe that, say it. And that’s good, because constructive criticism is always good to me, and the company can take it how they want to. They listen to it, and if they look at it and say, “Oh wait a second, they don’t have any valid points. We want them to be upset.” Hey, that’s okay. But if they look at it and say, “That is a valid point, we might need to change something.” That’s the basis for change to me, is constructive criticism and people going against the norm.”

On still getting nervous before going out for matches in WWE: “Shawn Michaels told me when I was training, if you don’t get nervous before you step through that curtain, then you probably shouldn’t do this anymore. So there’s always that little bit of nervousness because you want to go out there and you just want to give people everything that you got and you want to give them a great match, and all that kind of stuff, especially when you’re in the main event. But the nerves of having to follow something…the only time I really felt that was at SummerSlam, when I was watching CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar and going, ‘Oh my gosh. We have to follow this!'”

Check out the full Daniel Bryan interview below: