Video: Eve On “Stars Earn Stripes” & JBL Blogs Seven Summits

Posted by Brad Davis August 9, 2012 0 Comment

– Former WWE superstar has updated his blog, which you can read at In this entry, JBL talks about the ongoing training for his Seven Summits mountain climbing adventure. After his most recent climb was cut short due to bad weather, JBL says he’s working on getting into the best physical shape as he possibly can:

“I can’t control the weather, I can only control me being ready to climb. I weighed 245 pounds this morning and my goal is to get below 220 pounds for Aconcagua to help which would put me the lowest I have been since being a teenager.”

“As an example I regularly wrestled at over 300 pounds during my career at WWE with my peak around 330 pounds. My end goal for Mt Everest in spring of 2014 is to get down to around 200 pounds.”

– NBC has released the following behind-the-scenes video hyping the upcoming reality show, “Stars Earn Stripes,” where celebrities go through military training to raise money for charities. The show debuts on Monday night, 8/13.

WWE diva is one of the contestants. This video previews the intense training and the other contestants will endure: