Video: Footage Of Big Star’s Return At iMPACT Tapings

Posted by Brad Davis March 2, 2011 22 Comments

If you didn’t know already, Sting made his long-awaited TNA return at the recent set of iMPACT tapings, set to air this Thursday night. Here’s some video footage a fan named Mark filmed with his cell phone at the tapings in Fayetteville, NC. He estimated about 3,500 fans in attendance.

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    • Stingsucks

      Who cares sting sucks

    • Fons

      Sting rulessssssssssss THE icon of TNA
      Tna must bring some other players to Tna to get more rating , just like .
      Bill golberg – Diamand dallas page – Shelton benjamin – Randy savage – Albert – Candice michelle – Lita

      • The Rock

        lol.. so you want tna to get other former wwe superstars… then it means you’re really not a tna fan since you want to see former wwe superstar…

        • Fons

          Of course i’m a tna and wwe raw fan
          It most by like a soap serie . the more it wil happen thing the show the more people wanna see than you got more rating , and more rating means more money and more money means more wrestlers you get and the bigger the show will be

          The bigger the star , the more money you get ;)

          Why not ex wwe wrestlers ! Those ex-wrestlers want a job to , get some extra money to pay some bills also

          • sumguy

            man the only way I’ll ever be a tna fan ever agian is whenever they get rid of hogan, bishoff and flair but that’s never going to happen plus if tna will still be original and bring back the 6 side ring, I loved tna because they was different but bashing wwe with the talents that used to work for wwe? yeah no need watch if that’s all they’re going to do is focus on the competion rather than given the fans what they want and not jabbing at their competion which by the way I don’t think wwe has a competion right now but if only tna will focus and quit bashing wwe and get rid of all the senior citizens, then man I’m not sure I’d want to watch it. wwe’s really starting to get more of my attention lil by lil. I was about to quit being a wwe fan but bringing back the rock? That got my attention, that’s something that TNA needs to attention will return when they get rid of Hogan, bischoff and flair and all the wannabes and keep the original tna talents.

      • Juice Box

        The only guy I won’t mind seeing there is Benjamin

      • Wrestlehead

        Yes, maybe they can have an old folks home. Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are already on the pension plan.

    • nick

      did i catch a jumbotron botch after sting makes his entrance??

      • Caola

        Yeah LOL only THEY can do that

        • mistico

          Wow.. they actually messed up the Titantron… was Hogan/Bischoff working the switch?

    • starkiller22

      HAHAHA so let be get this straight… WWE has brought back Nash, Booker, Christian, HHH, Undertaker, and THE ROCK! so TNA’s plan to compete with all that is…. bring back Sting??? not surprised but i mean wow.

    • Glen

      Place looks bigger than it does on TV!

      • Random guy

        This wasn’t in the Impact Zone. That’s why it looks bigger.

    • Originality

      Seriously could they have ripped that any more from the UT return. I do not understand why TNA has to copy the E. Get some fn originality then you might increase your 1.1 ratings.

    • Anonymouse

      So Sting is now a woman? o_O hmm weird

    • sumguy

      looks a lot like undertaker’s big return. ok

    • johnny 5

      ripped of the UT return video a lot but had to admit it was kinda of a semi smart thing to do if they didn’t fuck it up. I mean yeah doesn’t compete with the rock or nash or booker or undertaker returning the way they did but i mean hell it kinda did the job it was intended to do. It not only killed the rumor but it got fans hyped to see him. I mean that’s probably the biggest pop i have heard for sting in the longest hes been in TNA. All of us wanted to see sting and Taker and it would have been a dream match but TNA hyping the re tun of him in a strange video package kinda slaps WWE in the face saying hey guess what they gotta settle for HHH and taker which people still want to see, but in terms of making this wrestlmania the biggest its not gonna come up just a tiny bit short. I still think its stupid they ripped of UT’s return video but that’s a as for the botch on the jumbo tron yeah was wrong but hell WWE’s botched more things then TNA has so won’t hold it against them.

      • sumguy

        hey good point there man. I seriously doubt that wwe cares about tna or what they do. wwe from what i’m seeing is trying to make stuff…. at times, TNA’s only in to bash wwe and get the left overs

    • stone cold

      these sounds stupid but tna need one man more these man is …. chriss jercho

    • Blue eyes vs Villians

      Sting is such a stubborn dick head. He’s on his last legs he doesn’t need to worry about how the WWE would use him as he wouldn’t of been there that long anyways and as far as he’s concern with WWE’s rude crude ways, that’s all in the past now what with the PG bull. He traded his WrestleMania moment to come back and work for this tin pot joke of a company probably cos he didn’t wanna do the job. Guess he just wants to be the big fish in the small pond. What a knob!!

      • Irate Fan

        They wanted him to lose to Undertaker, in which he was not willing. So he re-considered TNA.

    • Blue eyes vs Villians

      Yes as I said he didn’t want to do the job.

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