Video From After WWE SummerSlam 2013 Went Off The Air

Posted by Brad Davis August 19, 2013 16 Comments

Check out the following video footage from after WWE SummerSlam went off the air. The video quality is pretty crappy, but you can hear the fans chanting “Bullsh*t” as Daniel Bryan stands on the stage.

(via @Superblade)

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    • Kurt Angle

      I kicked out of the pedigree, WITH A BROKEN FREAKIN NECK!!

      • Chris Savage

        shut up kurt get back to rehab

    • Ray

      These are reasons why I can’t stand WWE.


      Daniel got robbed! I was there live and I was so happy to watch him win his first WWE Championship live, then *poof* WWE screws him out of it moments later! The Staples Center was errupting in YES chants and they ruined it. They should have atleast have had Cena won and Randy cashing it in on him!

      • me

        yeah because having bryan lose to cena really would have helped the daniel bryan push. that doesnt sound hypocritical at all


          So holding a title for 3 minutes sounds like a huge push to you? Dumbass!

          • havso2

            Are you dumb?

            Bryan defeated Cena clean with a 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring.. He is already pushed to a megastar now.

            He will win back the title later this year.. Hell I believe he will walk in at Wrestlemania either as WWE champ or as first contender for the championship!

            This was the best way to put Bryan over! He will now play the underdog hero who will overcome the odds and take back the title against the corporate duo in Orton and Triple H..

    • Harry Lorenzo Goode

      Really? No one is gonna mention heel turn by randy? The one that everybody’s been bitching about? Nobody huh? Gotta love iwc. And by love i mean absolutely hate

      • Guest4570752112589

        Maybe people would be a little more excited about the turn if it hadnt come at the expense of the title run of a guy who is more over than any superstar in the past 5 years or so. Also, and I can only speak for myself here, the heel turn is completely tainted because we have to suffer through more fucking HHH. Im so extraordinarily tired of his “remember me, Im the coolest smartest wrestler ever and I ruled the Attitude Era” schtick. No Hunter, you didnt rule the Attitude Era. Rock, SCSA, and the Undertaker ruled that era. Go die in a fire.

        • Ernesto Warmachine De Jesus

          as much as i agree with being tired of Trips butting in this generation, you really cant rule him out of the Attitude Era, he was also a big part of it. he was the it bad guy in the late Attitude Era

          • Guest44678000853111246

            Not at all. Ill give him that he was a big part of that era. My complaint is that its revisionist history. The three biggest names to come out of that era are The Rock, Stone Cold, and Taker. Yet we are being led to believe that HHH was that eras John Cena. Its all about ego with him. Hes Ric Flair in better shape. Hes NEVER going to go away.

    • ECWoriginal

      That was one of the best heel turns

    • David

      Am I the only one who thought this was a brilliant ending to a spectacular PPV? Sure I love Bryan as much as the next guy but I was begging for orton to turn and the way it was done as amazing. When the pyro hit and the confetti came we all thought that was it then hhh hits the pedigree. I for one am very happy and can’t wait to see what goes down on RAW thanks WWE for the best PPV if the year.

      • Mike

        Totally agree, by far the greatest ending to the PPV. Heel turn everyone knew was coming. When Orton won the money in the bank it was a giving. He’s been pushed to the side and been a baby face for too long. We need the Viper we need the real Orton and now everyone is gonna see em. Great job WWE well played and looking forward to the story line cause I have one picked out but, i’m going to see if you follow what I think would be a great idea for it.

    • havso2

      LoL.. 5 days ago I predicted this ending of the match.. Though I predicted Bryan would win by submission (making Cena pass out)… But I predicted that after the match HHH would be this nice guy celebrating with Bryan.. Then Orton would come out to have show his briefcase… Then HHH would turn and pedigree Bryan.. Orton would then cash in his briefcase and pin Bryan with HHH doing the count..

      Feels like WWE “stole” my prediction lol…

    • George Flegel

      It was bullshit. Just as bad as when Christian immediately dropped the title to Orton.

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