Video From Brooke Hogan & Bully Ray’s Wedding On Impact

Posted by Brad Davis January 18, 2013 7 Comments

On Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, the wedding of Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray took place – and surprisingly, things did not go off without a hitch. There was a hitch. A few hitches. In typical “pro wrestling wedding” fashion, the nuptials were interrupted and the bride wound up crying, screaming and not married.

Here’s video footage of the TNA wedding that had it all – ECW groomsmen, a surprise heel turn, the groom and the father of the bride getting destroyed by a gang of masked thugs and Hulk Hogan’s bandana getting knocked off.

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    • Frank Tesch

      saw it comming from a mile away lol

      • will

        yeah me too, Not with Taz tho… Was still awesome

    • Chyna

      So The whole point of this storyline was to reveal that Taz was in Aces & Eights? Both had nothing to do with each other, Taz never even had onscreen interactions with Bully or Brooke, so why is this such a big deal? If anything I expect Spike Dugley to be from A&8’s.

    • TexansFanatic

      MAN! Tommy Dreamer was JUST in a WWE ring bout a month ago & now he’s back in a TNA ring! He’ll do ANYTHING for money, won’t he???

      • TexansFanatic

        Spike Dudley aka Brother Runt, too??? Man they really need money, I guess!!!

    • Nicholas Williams

      It was predictable that Aces and 8’s were going to interfer with the wedding, but if anyone says they saw it coming from Taz then they are just blowing smoke up people’s asses. I havent been a fan of this storyline, but I can say this is the most shocking member (so far)

    • ryder

      lmao the yes chants

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