VIDEO: John Morrison Discusses His Future In Wrestling & More (30 Min. Interview)

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison recently spoke with The Sports Courier’s Fred Richani for a lengthy interview regarding his future in pro wrestling, his work with UFC heavyweight contender Roy “Big Country” Nelson and numerous other topics.

You can watch the full interview, which runs over 30 minutes in length, below. The following is a breakdown of what is discussed and when:

Time Codes:

00:22 Life after WWE
03:00 Health
03:53 Choosing wrestling over acting/modeling
05:50 Working with UFC fighter Roy Nelson
06:40 MMA vs. Pro Wrestling
7:26 Over-saturation with too many WWE/UFC shows?
11:03 Stigma with wrestlers in Hollywood
13:21 Out Of Your Mind Fitness
15:48 Missed opportunities?
17:30 Rising above WWE midcard
20:35 Honesty
21:46 Best/Worst WWE Moments
23:49 Inventing Starship Pain
25:06 TNA
26:13 WWE films
26:45 Miz
28:35 Dream Match
29:16 Advice
29:54 Melina
30:33 Future