Video: Mayweather KO’s Ortiz In Controversial Fashion

(Above: The controversial headbutt and KO; Below: The entire fourth round and post-fight interview)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was victorious last night over his young opponent Victor Ortiz, who made the mistake of not protecting himself after the referee said “Let’s go.” The two fighters were separated in the fourth round after Ortiz hit Mayweather with a headbutt. The referee penalized Ortiz one point, then brought them back together in the ring. Ortiz approached Mayweather seemingly to hug him and apologize again, and Mayweather clocked him twice and he was down for the count. This may seem like a cheap shot, but the two competitors touched gloves and the referee had deemed the fight back in action, which puts all blame on Ortiz for coming to hug and not to fight.

In the post-fight interviews (shown below), Floyd got in an arguement with HBO announcer Larry Merchant. He told Larry that HBO should fire him, and Larry told him that if he was 50 years younger, he’d kick Floyd’s ass.