Video: Rob Van Dam Returns To Impact Wrestling

Posted by Michael Bluth April 13, 2012 7 Comments

Following months on the sidelines, Rob Van Dam returned to TNA Wrestling programming on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Van Dam was added to the Garett Bischoff led team for the Lethal Lockdown match at TNA Lockdown.

RVD is now back full time and will be promoted as a top star going forward.

  • Trinity16

     Wow you tell him.

  • Skeezix1980

    Flair is such an embarrassment. His day is long gone. He has bigger breasts than most of the Knockouts. He asked someone if they wanted to ride Space Mountain?? More like MArchmallow Valley.

    • Skeezix1980


  • Ami

    love you maria. you are gorgeous. 

  • Quan Williams

    Don’t be surprised if Santino drops the us belt during this tour.

  • Electthedead2012

    What a surprise. Bobby Roode wins again. This is why I don’t watch TNA’s garbage show anymore

  • Eat Defeat

    Wow, what an anti-climatic PPV to say the least.
    Frig, I hope they don’t make Roode drop the title to Jeff Hardy cause that would suck big time. :/

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