Video: Sin Cara Returns On SmackDown With A New Look

Posted by Michael Bluth June 1, 2012 8 Comments

  • Bright Lights

    Why do they always do that with the lights for Sin Cara? Is he so special??

    • Charley Humper

      It’s like Undertaker and his darkened/blue lights. It’s like the dork who dances before a match, it’s like Triple H when everything goes dark…

    • Ice

      That’s his signature

    • Kub

      actually I guess its because the mask is hard to see through, so the dimmed lights make it easier

  • ExtremeWrestlingFan

    Wow…he didn’t botch! I almost thought he was going to use that Arm submission move. Other than that, good job Sin Cara.

  • Kub

    Santa Cara!

  • mistico

    The lights matched his blue/gold outfit. So…why didn’t anyone change the lights to red/white for this match?

  • jerjer

    his entrance failed!!!

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