Video: Sting Is Coming To WWE 2K15

Posted by Brad Davis July 15, 2014 17 Comments

It was announced on Monday’s WWE RAW that wrestling legend Sting will be a playable character in WWE 2K15.

The only way to get Sting as a playable character is by pre-ordering the game, which you can do now at

There will be “2 Generations” of Sting in the game, both Surfer Sting and Crow Sting.

A video package aired featuring an orchestra, all painted their faces painted like Sting. As they played, Sting came down from the rafters, baseball bat in hand. This was the video promo that WWE filmed last month when they posted an open casting call.

This will be Sting’s first appearance in a WWE video game.

Here’s the video that aired on RAW:

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    • Matt Rayfield

      See I knew it. Now only if he would actually sign with the WWE and get it over with.

      • Guest

        He’s essentially already signed with them since that’s the only way he could be included in 2K15.

        • Matt Rayfield

          Not really, WWE2K15 is a 2K Game, so if he really is signed to WWE, we’d see a Sting Promo Video much like what Undertaker or any WWE Superstar would get when returning like Jericho got when he did the Second Coming Promo.

          • Guest

            Yeah that’s if Sting and WWE had any plans in putting him on TV which they apparently don’t have yet.

            • Matt Rayfield

              If WWE has plans to put him on WWE RAW it would require him to have a contract actually signed. He has done things for WWE without a Contract before, His Interview about the Ultimate Warrior comes to mind here like I told JayRoz above.

          • JayRoz

            I hate to suggest that you’re wrong, but in this instance I think you are. WWE2k15 may indeed be a 2K game and therefore the deal may be made with 2k alone, however, that being said one very important detail must not be overlooked…no superstar on any roster in any WWE game has ever been added that wasn’t a part of the WWE in real life at some point in time. So, unless they are planning a WCW mode in a WWE game, there has to be some sort of indication that Sting will indeed be an actual part of the WWE at some point leading up to the release of the game, which I know is only like 3 months away, but that’s still plenty of time. It would be like putting CFL (that’s Canadian football by the way) players into an NFL game just because they are good players. WWE is a brand and to add a guy who is not part of your brand and never has been is harmful to your company image from a business standpoint. I can’t see WWE agreeing to add a WCW, TNA guy to they’re roster just because the fans might like it. No, I’m saying there is something more. Could be wishful thinking, however, it doesn’t make much sense any other way.

            • Matt Rayfield

              Well if they were going to add him, they would have started doing Promo videos making those who don’t know him guess who is coming. Also if Sting were coming to WWE, they would have made a better deal of it, Vince has been trying to get Sting to sign with the WWE for years now, If Sting were to finally do it they have to do something to actually get him to sign, and I know a Video Game won’t do that. Also he was interviewed about the Ultimate Warrior not under a WWE Contract so being in a video game without a WWE Contract is possible and won’t hurt WWE’s image more then WWE itself is currently hurting their own image with this PG Stuff and putting the title on Cena without him actually earning the shot to get it.

            • Jumpin’ Jeff

              What wrestling fan doesn’t know who Sting is? It’s ridiculous how many of you suggest that Sting is just some obscure guy that no one will remember. If you know Hogan, if you know Flair, you will know The Man Called Sting.

            • Matt Rayfield

              I know who the Icon Sting is, but there are Kids that only watch the WWE that would not, unless their parents told them and showed them who he is too. But I have followed Steve “Sting” Borden since the WCW days, so I know who he is.

            • Jumpin’ Jeff

              To imply that the WWE would need to educate the audience (kids) who Sting is before he debuts is insulting to Sting and the audience. You hype him as if everyone already knows who he is, and those that don’t will learn through curiosity.

            • Matt Rayfield

              Unless those same kids watched TNA or had their parents who watched WCW, and TNA before the kid was born, educate them on who Sting is, then a kid who is say 4, 5, or even 6 have no idea who he would be. The only reason I know who he is, is because I had the chance to watch him on WCW, I even watched him on TNA too, so I know who he is.
              I am sure the newer generation of kids will catch onto Sting if he signs with the WWE and starts competing for at least a year. It won’t take a year for him to get a Pop as he is an Icon in the wrestling business just ask ric flair.

            • Jumpin’ Jeff

              You can’t cater to the 4, 5, and 6 year olds at the expense of your core audience. That is the same thing that has been wrong with the WWE for the past decade. My earliest memories are actually of watching the NWA in the 80’s (around the age of 2 or 3, just before Sting debut for Jim Crockett) and I loved it. As a kid, you just watched it and learn who they are as you go.
              Terry Funk returns from Hollywood and they Immediately throw him into a feud with Ric Flair. There were no vignettes explaining who he was weeks before he returned. He came in, made an impact and if you didn’t know who he was then you will learn as you go. Now why would you care to learn who he was?
              The promotion debuted him with a bang with a current high profile character. It was immediate. He didn’t have to work his way up through jobbers upon his return. They treated him as the legend he was. They’d teach you if you didn’t know about his history through commentary without holding your hand. They didn’t hesitate if whether anybody knew or remembered who Terry Funk was. And the feud was serious business. A piledriver on a table resulting in a broken neck. Blood. Gang warfare. You can go back on “the Network” and watch those same matches now and they still stand the test of time. It never treated it’s viewers like they were kids. You can produce a PG program and it not be a Nick Jr show. Like you said, the kids will catch on, but it won’t take a year. They don’t need their hands held and to be introduced to every wrestler in the business.

              And finally, It wouldn’t take a week for Sting to get a POP. They live crowd gave a “Road Warrior POP” for Sting when this trailer was shown to them on Raw.

            • Matt Rayfield

              Yeah, I heard that too, and maybe that will get Sting’s attention too. I mean I have watched Sting for as long as I can remember from his time in WCW as the Surfer Character where he had Blonde Hair and multicolored face paints on to his Crow look with his long hair and black and white and black and red face paints on. I remember those matches with Ric Flair, his match with and against Diamond Dallas Page, his fueds with both NWO Black and White and Black and Reds and being apart of NWO Black and Red too, just to name a few of his many matches that I know I have seen.
              I know it won’t take him a year to be known, as Big E, Kingston, Even Triple H has talked about if Sting came to the WWE that it would be best for business too. Everyone there wants him there too. He has a few matches left in him, and he deserves to go into the WWE HOF too.

    • Disgruntled

      I would almost pre-order just because of Sting, but the games suck so bad now.

      • OldSchoolFan

        Tell me about it. I wish they just brought back the Smackdown Here Comes the Pain style gaming with the modern roster and graphics and commentary.

    • Smark

      Who… cares…?

    • bob

      I want Wolfpack Sting,complete with the WCW Thunder promo when I hover over his character.

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