Video: Stone Cold Talks Tough Enough

Posted by Brad Davis February 28, 2011 4 Comments

– Each episode of WWE Tough Enough will feature a guest appearance from a current WWE superstar or diva. Tough Enough host “Stone Cold” Steve Austin tweeted over the weekend that they were taping a “special guest appearance” from one of his “greatest competitors.”

– Speaking of Stone Cold, he posted the following video on Twitter and says he’s having a great time filming Tough Enough:

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    • Baze Hachem

      man, all i want for my Bday which is on march 11, is for stone cold to walk down the aisle in smackdown and annouce , that hes back, and then challange shawn michaels to a match at wrestlmania, wowwwwww,

      austin vs michaels ( Bret Hart Special Guest Referee )

      taker vs hhh

      mysterio vs sin cara

      cena vs the rock vs the miz ( Triple Threat Match for the championship )

      orton vs cm punk

      tag champs vs special guest DUDLEY BOYS

      edge vs desiel ( Hell in a cell )

      that;ll be the best wrestlmania present ever lol oh by the way and jim ross back at the announcer table, cuz cole blowssssssssss man, he cant hype anything up, plus he try to hard when the miz comes out

      • Hollow Bonez

        I feel bad that you won’t be getting everything you asked for =/.
        Try blowing the candles now…

        • Baze Hachem

          lmfaooooo i know right, dam vince mchman wont ever give the fans wha they want, but how do u like my matches lmaoo bad ass

          • Hollow Bonez

            They are interesting; I will like to see them also.

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