Video: The Rock Jokes About Cena’s Wife & Divorce

Posted by Brad Davis May 11, 2012 16 Comments

As part of the buildup to the Rock vs. John Cena match at WrestleMania 28, The Rock held a “Rock Concert” on the March 12, 2012 edition of WWE RAW.

With the news of John Cena filing to divorce his wife this week – the lyrics of The Rock’s takes on a different meaning:

“Rock saw Cena makin’ out with Eve, Grabbin’ on her thigh, tuggin’ on her weave. Cena was havin’ the time of his life, I guess he didn’t tell her that he’s got a wife. Let’s rock. Everybody let’s rock. Divorce lawyer’s right up the block, but we’re dancing because Cleveland Rocks.”

While there’s no indication that John Cena and Eve were romantically linked off-camera, it is known that The Rock and John Cena were legitimately taking personal shots at each other during their promos hyping WM28. With reporting that John Cena did not hide his marital problems with his co-workers in the WWE locker room, it appears The Rock’s remarks about Cena’s wife and a “divorce lawyer right up the block” hit closer to home than we realized at the time.

Here’s the video of The Rock’s “Rock Concert” from RAW (3/12/12):

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    • ……

      Cold….but mad funny at the time…

    • R-Truth

      The vid is private, might want to sort that. Tho I find it funny that the last time Rock rocked out in Cleveland the words weren’t “cleveland rocks” they were “cause Cleveland doesn’t tock, no it totally sucks!”

      Says the Truth!

      • Original Heel Cena

        Get your facts straight, midcard for life, Cleveland is pretty awesome.

        -Word Life

    • Wrestlehead

      I’m pretty sure that the Rock didn’t actually know Cena would get a divorce when he wrote that song. It’s easy to go back and analyze the whole situation in retrospect but the decision anyone makes to get divorced is usually a highly personal thing. I have a hard time believing that the lyrics of this song during this angle had anything to do with it as the article is insinuating.

      • AreYouSeriousBro

        I agree with you definitely, but if the article is right on the money, I’ve lost alot of respect for The Rock. The little amount I had for him to begin with. There are some lines you don’t cross, and that would be one of them.
        So, I hope you’re right.

        • Wrestlehead

          I hope so too. It just seems a little far-fetched to me that he would know about Cena’s pending divorce 2 months before he filed for divorce, that’s all. Given the fact that virtually all content is pre-approved in WWE programming it likely wouldn’t have aired if there were objections. Getting divorced is also an extremely painful thing to go through for either party, so he probably wouldn’t have done it unless he really, really wanted to in the first place, regardless of what others said or thought. So it’s also not really reasonable IMO to say that this influenced his decision in any way.

    • Heel Cena

      This isn’t the first time that John Cena has had a divorce…he divorced me a long time ago. But in all seriousness I wish Cena the best during this tough time

      Word Life

      • Original Heel Cena

        Im sick of the gimmick thievery.

        -Word Life

    • johnny knight

      lmfao the rock will always own cena. ha ha, cena really is the next hogan. well at least hogan got kids. ha cena’s gay. he really does have lady parts

      • Dr.Eams

        what a stupid remark…

    • Broski

      Why did they divorce? I hate divorce!

    • TrueRock

      The day Cena will got shot dead will be a nat
      ional holiday and we will dance cause Cleveland rocks!

      • faithful follower

        ok everyone check this out rock is washed up and he was one of my favorite wrestlers but he cant even show up like he said so what kind of man is he cuz without ur word ur nothing and for years now all we have heard is hes coming back and once or twice a year he shows up and disappears again and john cenas there day in and day out so whos the real fake

    • yamankhan

      why cena having single life

    • wwwf

      He was saying that because Cena kissed Eve and that his wife would divorce him because Cena was “cheating”. Besides Cena’s divorce to his wife wasn’t made apparent until after WrestleMania and anyway the rock and Cena are great friends backstage the rivalry is scripted. The only two people right now who seriously don’t get along backstage that I know of are Del Rio and Miz. The rocks a solid guy who’s been through a divorce himself so he knows what it feel’s like.

    • ShadysDreams

      Cena has been reported to have had lots of “occasions” with the ladies so his divorce comes at no surprise to me. He even joked about doing a “fat chick” once and apparently enjoyed it. The guy is a sleaze. All this “Be A Star” and granting wishes, tribute to the troops an all that.. i give him credit for. I genuine believe he cares about that. But outside of all that, he has as much creditablity as any of those dudes on Jersey Shore.

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