VIDEO: Tshepo Sekhabi Explains Why He Attacked Randy Orton In South Africa

Posted by Matt Boone August 2, 2013 12 Comments

Tshepo Sekhabi, aka Jozi “The Wrestling Machine,” the fan/independent wrestler who attacked Randy Orton at the WWE live event in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday, released a video on YouTube on Thursday afternoon.

In the clip, Sekhabi explains his actions, and reveals that he has designs on Orton’s “Money In The Bank” briefcase.

The YouTube video was accompanied by the following description:

Jozi, aka “The Wrestling Machine” took his passion a little bit too far during the WWE South Africa tour in Cape Town, 30 July 2013.

Wrestling matches might be staged, but WWE superstar Randy Orton was in for a big surprise when a fan tried to take him on in the ring. Orton had just won a live WWE match in Cape Town’s Grand West Arena against Big E Langston and was still celebrating his victory when a fan snuck past security, jumped into the ring and hit Orton from behind.

YOU caught up with the fan afterwards. Watch the video and hear what he has to say to Orton.

For those who missed it, click here to watch video footage of Tshepo Sekhabi’s attack on Randy Orton at the WWE live event in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday evening.

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    • jcconrad

      what an ass

    • William Mcilwain

      randy orton will kick that dude ass real talk

    • Jackie Priest

      Look at the dude’s face, who really looked stupid in the situation? The guy’s low blow affected Orton for all of about 2 seconds and that’s only because Orton sold the move thinking it was part of the show. Orton’s kick to head he got in blackened the dude’s eye and swelled up half his face.

    • Mr. Plontas

      That should show Randy to be Plontas nice to fans.

    • Franny

      That’s an ugly ass looking guy.

    • its me

      you are a junkie machine, bro you
      have issues I hope Randy can kick your ass soon…Payback!

    • Kage

      What a dipshit.

    • Hector Naranjo

      Gotta admit atleast he has that under his belt ” I hit Randy Orton” and can brag about it. His pussy rate just skyrocketed

    • Kurt Angle

      I’ll hit Orton from behind…. With a Broken Freakin neck!!!!

    • Uncle_Rukus_No_Relation

      Fry that nigga! Fry his black ass!! Don’t ever put yo hands on Mr Ortons sweet white testies!!

    • Angry Randy Orton fan

      Tshepo U spineless imbecile. O sematla u fool. He should have hit you more than that.

      PS. F*** you sane. nxla *spits*

    • bri

      Tshepo Sekhabi isn’t an Indy wrestler. That was TMZ’s mix up with another report, where fans that attended the show thought it was an Indy wrestler named “The Blacksmith”

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