Video: WWE Announcers Mock Fans Chanting “CM Punk” Before RAW

Posted by Brad Davis February 11, 2014 10 Comments

A video has surfaced online of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL mocking fans for chanting “CM Punk” before last night’s RAW went on the air.

The video was pulled from WWE’s satellite production feed.

Fans at the Staples Center are chanting, “CM Punk” – which leads to mockery from WWE’s lead announcers.

Cole remarks, “How about, ‘Go Away’,” which Lawler then chants.

Lawler said that the chants didn’t last long and JBL notes that there wasn’t much conviction in the chant.

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    • Nicholas Williams

      Its funny how they mock the fans.. The ones that really put food on your tables. If it wasnt for the fans then there would be no WWE. Why not instead of mocking the fans you listen to them. The fans want CM Punk… The “Big Boys” should be making that happen instead of letting him walk away.

      • Splodeydope

        He’s gone, get over it.

        • michael lee

          get over it? i see you care about the product you watch lol

    • michael lee

      hipocrits and they couldnt announce to save there non stop every monday man – michael cole is a out of shape litle bitch who knows nothing, lawler is not funny anymore and shouldnt be there he is stale and jbl is horrible as a colour commentator he literally says nothing intelligent that would educate fans or anything relevant at all

      • AM Real

        JBL is the only one worth listening to on that announce team…he’s pretty funny, can put over talent, brings up old wrestling jokes and anecdotes, AND can play the heel announcer without going over the top like dumb ass Cole. JBL is the new Jerry.

    • Undertaker316

      i dont see why wwe is reacting like this towards cm punk leaving the rock basically did the same thing except even worse because he didnt even notify anybody until he was gone ruining their plans for lesnar vs the rock but cm punk actually talked to management before leaving

    • Sarah Lange Saylor

      yeah go away Cole! CM Punk brought in fans! What did you bring?

    • George Flegel

      Just another victim of WWE bullshit backstage politics. It’s pathetic to see guys like Ziggler, Swagger and numerous others become jobbers while Orton and Cena continue to rule the roost.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says Cole is just gawd awful. I like to shove the WWE App & Network up his ass sideways. Shut up Cole! The King used to be great as a heel announcer. JBL is the only one I can tolerate.

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