Videos: Jim Ross’ Greatest Moments Of All Time

There’s no doubting that the period of time known by wrestling fans as the Attitude Era was magical. Wrestling characters had transitioned from clowns and plumbers, to beer-chugging maniacs and porn stars, and television ratings were through the roof.

This Attitude Era, which got it’s name from WWE’s “Attitude” marketing campaign, has been credited to a lot of things. We here at believe there is one man who goes grossly uncredited for his contributions, and that would be the greatest play-by-play announcer in history — Jim Ross. Nobody brought the excitement — and hilarity — from ringside to the television audience like Ross. Everyone watching at home knew to hush up when Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the Stunner, because Jim Ross was about to lose his s**t and scream one of his many catch phrases.

Here are some of Good Ol’ J.R.’s greatest hits…

Stone Cold ass whippin’

Jeff Hardy vs. HHH

WWE Over The Edge 1998



Hell In A Cell: Mankind vs. The Undertaker

Stone Cold hit by an automobile

Jim Ross doesn’t like Eric Bischoff

J.R. kicks Michael Cole in the nuts