VIDEOS: Watch The First Four Episodes Of “WWE Slam City”

Posted by Matt Boone March 17, 2014 3 Comments

As previously reported, WWE launched their new “WWE Slam City” animated series today. You can check out the first four episodes below.

Episode 1: Alberto the Barista

“Alberto del Rio can do some serious pressing. Coffee pressing. Watch him fulfill his destiny to be the greatest barista of all time “

Episode 2: Auto-Tude Adjustment

“Nothing can stop WWE Superstar John Cena. Not even an oil change. Watch as he takes on his biggest challenge yet – an auto inspection.”

Episode 3: A Big Brawl

“WWE Superstar Big Show is having some serious car trouble and the only mechanic in town is John Cena. Watch to see their showdown give a different meaning to the phrase ‘customer service’.”

Episode 4: Cafeteria Chaos

“Whoever is serving lunch is a monster. A Big Red Monster! Watch WWE Superstar Kane take on pizza day in this newest episode of Slam City.”

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    • sunil kumar bhargava

      What a shame hhh and stephaine bigman? You both couldn’t handle daniel brayan. Both of you, expressed happiness beating daniel brayan handcuffed. What the hell wwe board of directors are up to? The rating of wwe is 1.98. Any one can bet me that daniel brayan will beat hhh in the first week of april, 2014. Daniel brayan should add now further now that if he beat hhh than with title shot, hhh will loose coo post. The match will become interested. Regarding undertaker streak, undertaker will retain his streak with 22-0. Brock doesn’t know that undertaker is borned to lay people “rest in peace”.whereas brock is borned to get sound beating.

      • adam

        im not sure if you understand this or not, but it’s all fake, it’s a scripted tv show. Triple H isn’t really COO and is most likely friends with Daniel Bryan irl

        • sunil kumar bhargava

          Thank you Mr. Guest Adam and I respect your views. In India, we believe that a person who climb ladder on false, is sure to fall down. The same fate, is likely to happen with HHH and Stephaine Bigman. If they have to run business for best, atleast they have to show somewhere honesty. Today, Brayan is the best wrestler and is best for business, this is to be understood by wwe board of directors.

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