VIDEOS: “WrestleMania Rewind” & “WWE Countdown” Extras For This Week

The official WWE YouTube channel has added “Extra” videos for this week’s edition of “WWE Countdown” and “WrestleMania Rewind,” both of which aired exclusively on the WWE Network on Tuesday evening.

Below is the extra for this week’s “WrestleMania Rewind” show:

WrestleMania Rewind Extra – Triple H’s WrestleMania Moment, – April 01, 2014

Triple H talks about an message Killer Kowalski shared with him early on in his career and how WrestleMania 18 was the moment when everything came full circle.

And here is the extra for this week’s “WWE Countdown” show:

WWE Countdown Extra – WWE Network, April 01, 2014

As WWE Countdown highlights the best Raw moments off all-time, Dolph Ziggler presents some of Raw’s best vehicular flashes of greatness.