Vince Buys Three Ferraris, Piper’s Pit With Cena & Rock?

Posted by Brad Davis January 23, 2012 Comments are off

— Running the biggest wrestling company in the world has it’s perks. reportedly purchased three Ferrari sports cars in the last week to add to his personal fleet.

— With WrestleMania coming up around the corner, wants to help contribute to the hype. The wrestling legend wrote the following on Twitter, indicating he wants to do a Piper’s Pit with and :

“Lets help the @WWE help themselves. @WWE needs a Pipers Pit, before WM 28, with The Rock & Cena. @WWE, IT’S ALL IN HOUSE, IT”S PERFECT!”

“Help the @WWE help themselves. Put The Rock & Cena in Pipers Pit before WM 28!! I’ve been to alot of WM’s! WM28. IT’S ALL IN HOUSE!!Perfect!”

“If @WWE has big courage.Put The Rock and Cena in Piper’s Pit at WM28!! Did it with Austin blew the roof off! I’m putting it on the line too!”

“TheRock&@Cena. In Pipers Pit! @WWE,Hot Rod is putting it on the line. These guys are good! WWE would enjoy Hot Rod losing!WWE’s bucket list.”

“For the record. Hot Rod is never cut slack, I’ve had the best in Piper’s Pit, from all forms of ent.I put it on the LINE every Time! NO FEAR”

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