Vince McMahon To Buy Soccer Team?, WWE Re-Names “Backstage Fallout” Shows

Posted by Matt Boone February 18, 2014 11 Comments

- WWE has re-named their weekly YouTube series “Backstage Fallout” to brand-specific names. From this point forward, the post-RAW and SmackDown shows will simply be called “RAW Fallout” and “SmackDown Fallout.”

- Recently there have been some rumors on the internet regarding Vince McMahon having interest in purchasing a UK soccer team. The rumors popped up again this week, however there is said to be nothing to the story.

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  • Spencer Elliott

    What the fuck is Soccer? Darn you Amerifats!

  • GetitRight


  • Undertaker316


  • Steve

    I heard Blackburn Rovers

  • David

    The team in question is Newcastle United FOOTBALL Club for those interested. And yes it’s football, not soccer

  • Bulkster

    Glad Vince has no interest in freaking soccer. Stick to wrestling Vince and leave soccer to the foreigners.

  • Derp

    Remember what happened last time Vince tried to get involved in sports? *coughXFLcough*

  • Mr.Plontas

    Hi I’m Plontas, wanna play?


    in america we play FOOTball with our HANDS

  • bleek

    Instead of soccer, Vince should bring back the XFL. like back then

  • P.P. Johnny

    P.P. Johnny thinks Vince should by the soccer team for HHH & Stephanie and see if they can run that into the ground, also.
    Btw, soccer balls are just about the same size as Steph’s boobs.

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