Vince McMahon Likely Returning To WWE Television Sooner Than Originally Planned

Although the original plan was for the WWE CEO Vince McMahon to remain off of television until November to build toward the eventual power struggle storyline culminating at WrestleMania XXX in 2014, it appears as though Monday’s WWE RAW rating may have changed things up a bit.

One source noted recently that with Monday’s RAW drawing one of the worst numbers in the last 15 years (a 2.68 final cable rating, with an average of 3.58 million viewers), there is already talk of bringing Vince McMahon back to television earlier than expected.

Traditionally, when WWE business starts to take a turn for the worse, ratings specifically, Vince McMahon usually returns on television. The general consensus is when things start looking down, Vince likes to take a more hands-on approach to turn things back around.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]