Vince McMahon Reportedly Doesn’t “See Money” In Daniel Bryan

Posted by Matt Boone June 28, 2013 9 Comments

During an interview two weeks ago with the Ministry of Slam podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels acknowledged a recent conversion he had with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon where the 67-year-old said he doesn’t “see money” in a certain, unnamed WWE Superstar. According to sources within the sports-entertainment organization, that individual is Daniel Bryan.

As transcribed by the Pro Wrestling Torch, Michaels said, “I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago with the man in charge and we were talking about a certain individual and he goes, ‘I just don’t see money in him.’ And I said, ‘You said the same thing about me.’ He said, ‘I did not.’ I said, ‘Yes you did!’ (laughs) I said, ‘And it’s okay. It’s just one of those things.'”

Michaels compared McMahon’s views on the WWE Superstar to himself, as he believes he wasn’t viewed as a “prototypical main event guy” while he was rising the ranks of WWE in the early-1990’s.

“I wasn’t your prototypical—heck, I wasn’t anybody’s prototypical main event guy. And I knew that. So, you just do your absolute best,” said Michaels. “Yes, I was very scared and very worried, which had a lot to do with how bad I handled stuff because I spent a great deal of my career waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because it was a very real view of me and my ability and my talent. I’m a firm believer that talent does rise to the top, but you have to be patient. So, I spent a great deal of time worried, intimidated, and concerned that with each passing storyline, it might be the last one.”

A WWE source believes that with Bryan having a major role on Total Divas—premiering next month on E!—as the boyfriend of cast member Brie Bella, his standing in the organization is “safe” for the time being.

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    • Edge

      Vince hates ROH and eceryone who comes to WWE from there.Fact. Vince doesn’t trust independent promotions or developmentals.Fact. Vince is old crazy nutcase without any logical thinking.Fact

    • Eric

      I don’t understand his reluctance on indy guys, they’re the only guys that can come in with some level of experience. From 2002 to 2009, how many different guys did they hire from colleges and gyms with no wrestling experience? A ton. How many of them washed out quickly? A ton. The guys that Vince McMahon reportedly sees money in. don’t make money cause everyone hates them. And if Vince has a problem with the shrinking talent pool, then all he has to do is look in a mirror. Cause he destroyed the territories and his all his competition. Short of it, Vince needs to retire.

    • johny

      D bury is top 3 in wee next to punk and ziggler

    • Kage

      Please Vince – for the love of all that is good and holy – retire.

      Please… just retire.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Who gets one of the biggest pops when he enters the ring? Bryan
      Which wrestler is on fire right now? Bryan
      What wrestler has more moves than Ex-Lax? Bryan
      Vince is just a senile old man who’s time has past.

    • Derp.

      You guys need to remember that wrestling ability is not the only thing it takes to become a wwe superstar. And nobody knows that better than Vince McMahon. We can ALL agree on how incredibly talented Daniel Bryan is athletically. He can wrestle, he can take hits, he can make it look realistic, and he can keep you entertained throughout the entire match. But he is…plain. One note. To have McMahon “see money” in you, it is all about marketability. You have to fill seats, sell merch, gain interest from ALL age groups. All of this makes a superstar, not just whether or not you can wrestle. And Daniel Bryan, well, his gimmick can only go so far, regardless of whether or not he is a heel or a face…he’s only one dimensional. So for Vince not to see money in Daniel Bryan, he is most likely thinking long-term, as most businessmen should. And when you REALLY think about it, that’s not exactly outrageous..

      • Bam Bam

        Yeah but Daniel Bryan could do alot better if the WWE wouldn’t make his character so goofy. I think he could sell alot of tickets if he at least trimmed up his beard and had a more serious character instead of what he’s been doin. I kinda miss him the way he acted before he won the WWE Championship afterwards with the AJ thing and from there on I started to not like his Character. If was funny for a little while but now not so much.

    • Logic

      LMAO you guys don’t actually believe this report do you? Its a report every other day that is proven totally incorrect within the coming weeks that follow it. I mean, how obvious is it WWE is gearing up for a big Bryan shift, probably starting at MITB. This is report is rubbish.

    • Logic

      Also, this Vince hates ROH stuff is garbage. You’re telling me Vince McMahon is rejecting ideas he truly believes will make him and the company money, because he has a vendetta against indy promotion ROH. So he signs ROH guys, and PAYS THEM, so that he can not push them because he doesn’t like them? FFS COME ON…

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