Vince Upset During RAW Main Event, Flair Returning to WWE, More

Posted by Matt Boone February 26, 2013 12 Comments

- Below is WWE’s latest promo for Fandango. The woman dancing with him may be the one debuting with him on WWE TV this week that we wrote about earlier.

– Ric Flair is expected back on WWE TV sometime in the next few weeks.

– Vince McMahon reportedly “blew a gasket” backstage at RAW last night during the CM Punk vs. John Cena main event. Word is that Vince got upset when Punk hit Cena with a piledriver, which is a banned move when done the way Punk did it. Vince was upset with Cena and Punk but because it was them, there will likely be no serious punishment.


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    • KennyD

      So; why was he upset with Cena ?

      • ProfC

        Probably for botching the hurricuranna, and for agreeing to taking the piledriver. Punk and Cena either planned it in advance or one of them called for it to be done during the match.

      • Wall

        Probably because Cena didnt argue with the idea when Punk called for it.

      • Not Chris Jericho

        I’d say cuz both Punk and Cena are getting tired of the product. Can’t stand Cena as a wrestler, but this week was special compared to other shows. Powerbomb, hurricanrana (botched) piledriver in the main event + Lesnar was bleeding like Ric Flair.

    • bluebook

      >.> oh lord. You know, this move is dangerous and I understand why Vince doesn’t want it performed regularly, but once in a while, under planned conditions and done by experienced performers, wouldn’t hurt. I mean, it was nice to see those moves we haven’t seen in a while, they’re nice surprises. It’s like curse words, you use them all the time the lose their impact, you use them once in a while, it shocks people.

    • wannalickkellykelly

      Vince should be more pissed at Jack Swagger than anyone. He should fire him on the spot for the drug charge alone.

      • Rub

        weed is not a drug. you should be fired from your job see how you like it.

    • kindred1313

      I loved it, I was actually txt all me friends that it happened. It was a holly S**T moment that RAW needed. just like the really sh*ty Huracarona Cena did. It was horrid but it was cool to see them do moves that they normally wouldn’t. It was actually the best match on RAW in a long long time i think.

      • gokule

        its awkward, but also funny when cena does stuff like that

    • gokule

      i’d do the girl.

      fandango should have his face lit on fire. he will look way better than he does now
      stone colds neck was messed up by a piledriver. shouldnt have done it especially since cena is the bigger guy.

    • Josh

      You know, when I saw that happen at RAW, I was thinking that Vince would be pissed over it unless the move was no longer banned. Well, I guess it still is banned. haha

    • CM God

      I’m upset because it didn’t break cena’s neck and end his pathetic career.

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