Wade Barrett Suffers Injury In RAW Main Event

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Wade Barrett suffered an arm injury in RAW’s main event battle royal. Barrett caught Dolph Ziggler after he was thrown over the top by Big Show and was seen holding his right arm. The infamous “X” was signaled and doctors came down as the match progressed. The injury appears to have been complicated when Santino went over the top and landed on the arm again. It’s very possible Barrett has a broken arm but we’ll await further confirmation on that.

Ziggler was also shaken up when his shoulder and arm hit the table but was able to work a dark match main event so it’s not that serious.

R-Truth also needed help going to the back but should be OK.

Kofi Kingston took an ugly bump but didn’t appear to be hurt, while Cody Rhodes was limping badly from his match last night and was hurt when he did a kick and his leg gave out. He did get up and did several more spots.