Warrior Says He Respects McMahon More Than Anyone Else

Posted by Brad Davis May 12, 2012 5 Comments

In part two of his MLW Radio appearance, which you can listen to here (MP3), Ultimate Warrior spoke about fighting Vince McMahon in court for years and spending over a million dollars in the process. Warrior also commented about the respect he developed for Vince after the long battle.

“It went on for almost five years and it was about to start trial. It was a Friday. Vince and Linda were there with their counsel, Jerry McDevitt, and I was there with my counsel. It had gone on for five years. There were 30,000 documents. There were 30 or 40 depositions that had been taken in all different places all over the country. There were 900 exhibits. It was incredible. I was already into it for a million dollars in paid legal fees.”

“I think [Vince] was surprised as time went on. In those kinds of things, Vince has the money to throw at them all day long. He doesn’t really sit and think about the consequence. He just doesn’t. It was different for me because I was so close to it and it just kept dragging on and on. Vince is stubborn. Both Linda and others in their depositions under oath said the problem between me and Vince was that we were so much alike.”

“At the end of the day, after all the fighting and everything, I respect Vince more than anybody else. The writing is on the wall while you’re there. All the guys that are bitter about where they ended up in their lives, that wasn’t Vince’s responsibility. Vince’s loyalty was to his company, himself and his family. He wasn’t going to let anybody stand in the way and even though outsiders can see some of the things he did as vicious, I happen to admire that.”

Part two of Ultimate Warrior on MLW Radio with Mister Saint Laurent is available on MLW.com, iTunes and syndicated by Stitcher.com.

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    • Wrestlehead

      It would be nice to know which fight he’s specifically referring to since they’ve fought over a lot of things. The weirdest lawsuit was when Warrior sued over the self-destruction DVD, since Vince actually asked him to participate, Warrior refused, and then complained about how it turned out. Still, I’m pretty sure this is genuine as Warrior never holds back what he thinks about anyone or anything.

    • Wow-Yeah

      so ummmm i listened to this interview… man this guys a tool!! Even the interviewer tunes out after a while and warrior’s like “helllooo!?”

      References to Dingo Warrior and name dropping Sting are also hilarious!

      The Ultimate Douche!

      • Wrestlehead

        This is tame compared to a lot of his other rants online. Go listen to the speech he made to the University of Connecticut in 2005 that basically caused a riot. Also, his ‘bullet to kill Hulkamania’ videos of last year are equally insane. If he’s not ranting and raving about others he’s usually going on about himself and how wonderful he is and how wonderful his life is, etc. And yes it gets extremely boring to listen to as you noticed!

    • Warrior

      *No sells Pedigree @ Mania 12

      • HBK

        *Wins title and takes HHH on bender as he will drive me home*

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