Wednesday’s TNA Impact Wrestling Draws A Poor Rating On New Night

Posted by Brad Davis August 22, 2014 5 Comments

TNA Impact Wrestling moved to Wednesday nights this week and it appears that many fans were unaware of the change. Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling drew a 0.65 cable rating with 852,000 viewers.

This is way down from the previous week’s show which did a 0.96 rating and 1.126 million viewers.

Two weeks ago, Impact did a 1.09 rating.

As previously reported, TNA extended their deal with Spike TV through the end of the year and are negotiating for a new contract for 2015.

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    • CM PUNK

      Poor ratings???? I didnt even know TNA had fans in 6 figures!

    • Jeremy

      TNA fans knew it was on Wednesday. Its been posted on all the wrestling sites, facebook, twitter and spread around by fans. There is actually better programming on Wednesday’s than Thursdays. Its going to be hard for TNA to truly stay afloat with the concern of Spike may not renew the contract next year and the move to Wednesdays.

    • jt

      Speaking as a WRESTLING FAN I, simply forgot. I was ready to watch it Thursday but I realized what I did when it obviously didn’t come on. Lets just wait another week before we bury TNA.

    • Guest

      TNA Impact draws low ratings……this is news why?

      • Guest

        I typed that last post with my penis. Hitting the period 5 times was especially enjoyable.

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