What Happened After WWE Over The Limit

Posted by Brad Davis May 21, 2012 11 Comments

Over The Limit Results

– WWE had approximately 50,000 people watching the Over the Limit pre-show on simultaneously YouTube.com, which saw Kane defeat Zack Ryder.

Vince McMahon in particular has reportedly been very pleased with the viewership for WWE’s new pay-per-view pre-shows on YouTube.com and there are plans to continue them as a monthly feature.

– After Sunday’s Over the Limit PPV went off the air, John Cena continued to sell the effects of Big Show’s WMD knockout punch.

Cena eventually came to and made it to his feet before staggering out of the ring and walking back to the state to end the show.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/WolfLink22 Matt Rayfield

      other then the john cena vs johnny ace match it seemed like a good pay per view. Also most of the pre show time was music. Also of course cena would sell the effects of big show’s wmd punch it was predictable.

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        Yeah, if you watched with high hopes that Cena would win, then you would find the main event a buzzkill. I’d rather have had the WWE title match have been the main event. The Cena match could have been on Raw, instead of wasting space on the PPV (It was still fun to watch live though).

        • http://www.facebook.com/WolfLink22 Matt Rayfield

          I would not say i had high hopes lol. I was hoping that they had more to it tho. Remember high or low hopes is not what i had a problem with. My problem was it was not made interesting enough to want it to be the main event like it was.

      • harvey

        Nah the pre show rolled over into the actual show,, because the big battle royal, after it finished, they then rolled the intro video for over the limit,, which was like 15mins into the over the limit ppv

    • Broski

      The pre-show was awesome. Both Kane and Ryder looked good.

      Big Show interfering in Cena vs Johnny match has been predicted a week ago, I can’t believe that WWE still went for it.

      The ending between Punk and Bryan has been recycled. This ending is similar to Benoit vs Edge at Raw. I’m not saying this one is a bad match though because I wasn’t able to watch the pay per view.

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        Punk and Bryan put on a great match. If anything hinders the “rating” of the match it was the ending, but I’m assuming WWE wanted Punk to keep the belt longer, and keep Bryan’s fans happy. With Punk tapping, Bryan’s fans can argue the Bryan truly won.

    • Harvey

      Kanes match was good. As a fan of kane i think they should make him disapear for a while , to let him train and get bigger, As he wrestles every week, it must interfeer with his muscle training allot. And then he returns with either his first mask and costume, or something even more scarier
      Still he had a good match and i can tell his arms are getting more definition.
      sameapplies to the big show, Watching his old early 2000 matches he was more muscular and the guy even jumped over the wrestling rings ropes,

    • Harvey


    • Saad

      I’ve disliked John Cena and Laurinatis’ match, pffff.. I’ll never watch this shame untill Laurinatis get terminated.


      Wow that was the worst paper-view i have ever watched I hate John Faggataitus

    • EdgeLover<3

      wow i have never seen Jhon cena this mad

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