What Led To Kelly Kelly’s WWE Release – Officials Upset With Risque Photos

Posted by Matt Boone October 4, 2012 11 Comments

As announced last Friday by WWE, the sports-entertainment organization came to terms on the release of Kelly Kelly, ending her six-year run with the company. Her departure had been expected since she decided to take a hiatus in late May.

Those close to the situation thought it was likely her tenure was coming to an end after she was resistant on signing a long-term contract extension and had requested time off from the road. Company officials granted her time off under the belief that she would return full-time. However, those close to her say she wasn’t sure about resuming a full-time schedule and was looking to pursue non-wrestling endeavors.

Her situation is similar to many other talents who have left the company, particularly women, in the past two years. She was forced to reject numerous media offers, either because WWE didn’t want her involved or because WWE has made its product too kid-friendly that companies don’t want to associate with them. The matter is tied to women, because of those limitations.

Since Kelly had already earned her downside guarantee for the year and had no intention on returning full-time, there was no money left for her to earn by not asking for her release. Plus, she wanted to pursue outside opportunities sooner rather than later.

During a advertisement campaign shoot last Thursday for Let if Fly Energy, an energy drink line, she received a text message from Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent and Live Events. He informed her that by the terms of her contract, she needed to have a calendar that she planned to sell on her official website approved by the company. She had tweeted previews of some risqué lingerie pictures and the company demanded she take them down. She had no intention on calling off the project, which led company officials to cutting ties with her the next day.

Another factor in Kelly’s resistance to remaining in WWE for several more years could be tied to her health since she had been dealing with neck issues from wrestling. WWE officials requested that she see Dr. Joseph Maroon, the company’s medical director. She preferred to be examined by her own doctor. With the accumulated injuries, she wanted to stop wrestling full-time at the age of 25 rather than be physically broken down years later and too old to pursue entertainment opportunities. It is believed that she would have stayed with WWE had they allowed her to make occasional appearances.

WWE did not perceive Kelly as reaching a level known as the “Mick Foley deal,” where a talent is under contract, works occasionally, and is free to pursue outside endeavors. WWE does not want create a precedent where talent have control over what they do, which is an issue currently affecting their relationship with Chris Jericho.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • 40 dawg

      So basically if your signed to wwe your their slave, F-CK THAT!!!!!

      • iNexus

        It means that if you signed a contract, you agree to only work for that company. I don’t know about you but I believe that’s how every company in the world works.

        • Derp

          Can’t get much dumber than iNexus. Every company in the world? Really? So…people with multiple jobs don’t exist then? You’re a dumbass.

          • iNexus

            I didn’t say they don’t? We’re talking about how contract works. When you sign it, you’re then tied to that company’s legal obligations. If the company tells you that you can’t work for another company, they you can’t.

            And before you speak and try to make me look stupid, go ahead and do your research first. People with multiple jobs are usually contracted by only one of the company’s the person work for, their “other job” is usually part time (they don’t sign contracts) or freelance. In Kelly Kelly’s case, she wanted to pursue other opportunities where she will have to be fully employed by another company.

            So yes, every company in the world.

        • 40 dawg

          so your saying whichever company someone works for that company can tell you what to do on your day(s) off? Don’t think so. And what makes wwe so special, roh, tna and other wrestling promotions let wrestlers work outside of their companies. So in closing either you never had an actual job or are to young to work. Cuz your totally wrong or misinformed on what you said.

          • iNexus

            I’ve had a job before, thank you. You know what I hated the most? Me on my day off, chilling on my couch watching some movies and all of a sudden… my phone rings. It’s my work and they want me to work that day! So….yeah, your work can tell you what to do on your day offs.

            Let me break this down. This is not about WWE being special, it’s about what’s in their contract that the individual agrees on when they sign it. If their contract states that their employees can’t be employed by other companies without their approval, then yes, they can tell Kelly Kelly to not take those other opportunities. Even though they’ve allowed her to model for magazines and make TV appearances. ROH on the other hand is an independent promotion, the wrestlers sign contracts TO APPEAR, which means if that guy is scheduled to wrestled today then he better make an appearance, other than that, whatever they do on days before and after that is none of ROH’s business. TNA follows a hybrid of the two. But they’re relationship with the indies are better than WWE’s so they have these cross over deals with other promotions. WWE followed this policy at one point, their wrestlers where allowed to make appearances for Jerry Lawler’s promotion and ECW.

            My point: All contracts are different.

            • #HEEL

              If work wants u to come in on your days off u have to??? Are u from a communist country or something.

            • 40 dawg

              Well I know when my work calls they just ask if I wanna come in, they don’t force/demand me to. It’s your( the employees ) choice. In wwe your forced to do what wwe wants you to do, you have no choice. And comparing regular work to wrestling work is apples and oranges. Oh and if your work calls and forces you to come in may I suggest you get caller id to avoid those calls on your day off.

            • l

              I get what you are saying, it is simple. If a person is working for a company under contract. They are legally bound to the stipulations in the contract once it is signed,unless otherwise specified in the contract or a loop hole.
              So Kelly could do whatever she wanted as long as it was within the stipulations of her WWE contract. There are always stipulations & rules to contracts. The specifics of the contract will vary from company to company and person to person within that company. Ie. Kelly’s contract stipulations will be different from Chris Jericho’s and his would be different from CM Punk’s contract ect…If she didn’t like the stip that all her outside work had to be approved by WWE, then technically she didn’t have to sign the contract in the 1st place. Hence, known as contract negotiations If she breached that part of her contract then WWE was in the right to terminate her current contract or not offer another one.
              Not all jobs require contracts.This is why many people and companies refuse to work with contracts b/c it can cause problems for both the company & employee.
              Yes, I have worked under a contract before.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Slammerx21 Steven Lawson

      The Diva division died when Trish and Lita retired

    • Papa Georgio

      WWE is so lame with its PG crap. WTF should Kelly not be allowed do her own calendar? It’s not like people can’t find rique pics of her all over the internet anyway.

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