What You Didn’t See On WWE Hell In A Cell

Posted by Brad Davis October 4, 2011 Comments are off

Colin B. sent this in:

The dark match saw Daniel Bryan make JTG tap out to the LeBell Lock. We got to our seats around the end of the match. We sat in the second section so we could see pretty good, but we were on the opposite side of the camera and where the wrestlers played to.

Ross and Booker T got pretty good pops when they came out. Cole got massively booed, of course.

Crowd was really hot for Sheamus and Christian, and it seemed like the best match to me. They couldn’t care less about the Sin Cara match. There was the usual split between the mark kiddie crowd and the smark crowd that cheered all the heels.

After the PPV ended, Triple H walked to the back and the crew of other guys just stood around and then eventually left. Well, they got their payday. Cena shook hands with Punk in a touching moment. They both left and posed to the crowd on their way out. Megapowers unite! The people I was with were waiting for Punk to kick him or something considering his whole new run is based around criticizing Cena. But hey, Punk’s popular now, so guess he has to make nice with Cena.

I’m sure everyone will rag on this PPV, and at times it did seem to fall flat, but there’s nothing like a live wrestling experience.

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