Who Is The Rock Training With?, Rumor Killer on a Rumble Entrant

Posted by Matt Boone January 25, 2013 7 Comments

- There will be no Papa Shango in the Royal Rumble this year. A rumor was posted yesterday after Wade Barrett joked about it on his Twitter. Barrett has joked about Shango being a surprise entrant for the past three years now.

– The Rock is training for his Royal Rumble match with WWE superstar Michael McGillicutty. He tweeted the following on Thursday:

“One of my favorite ring training partners: @WWE 3rd generation beast Joe Hennig. #TalentedToughAndHumble”

The Rock and McGillicutty

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    • theseizurecomic


    • juvi-juice

      rock is so clearly juicing,… no wellness policy for the golden boy ey vince?

      • http://www.facebook.com/havardj1 Håvard Johansen

        He is not juicing. Believe when I say that:) The man works out 5 hours a day, and eat like 6 times a day. If you do that, and have the right team around you, anyone can be as big as he is now. Just saying, there are thousand of people whom does the exact same thing as Rock, and they are not on steroids, so why should he be?

      • iNexus

        Because anyone with a body like that juices, right? Believe it or not, you don’t have to juice to get a body like that.

      • Ice

        you must have the size of a toothpick to actually think you still need to juice up these days to get big.

    • asskatchum

      Rock works out like a mad man but guess anyone with muscles is juicing have to be -_-

    • Kage

      I’ve really started to enjoy McGillicutty on NXT.

      Just needs to change that bloody name.

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