Why Booker T Had to Get Surgery, NXT Star Told to Do Less High Spots

Posted by Matt Boone May 16, 2013 3 Comments

- SmackDown General Manager Booker T is currently out of action after having elbow surgery that we noted last week. Booker suffered a torn triceps and had to have the surgery after getting an elbow infection. Because of his absence, the feud with Teddy Long has been put on hold. The injury was described as a freak injury and not ring related. He’s expected back on TV around the end of this month.

– WWE officials in developmental have told Sami Zayn, the former El Generico, to slow down and not do so many high spots. The feeling is that he’s really good, very intelligent and does good promos. Officials like the spots he does but don’t want him to do so many in one match.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • McC

      They sign a high flying, high energy guy and then tell him not to do the things that got him signed in the first place. This is a huge part of why wwe matches are so boring with them babying all their wrestlers

      • lol

        A point well said.

      • morrisonfanone

        Yeah, it makes no sense. They also told Randy Orton to not do dropkicks and stuff like that. They told him to leave that to Rey Mysterio. That would be like TNA telling Jeff Hardy to mat wrestle.

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