Why Lethal Lockdown Had No Roof, Other Knockouts Turn Down Return

Posted by Matt Boone March 13, 2013 4 Comments

- Add former TNA Knockouts Winter and Rain (Peyton Banks) to the list of women who have turned down TNA’s offer to return for the upcoming all-Knockouts pay-per-view taping. We noted before that Roxxi, Sarita, Traci Brooks, Angelina Love and Awesome Kong have also turned the company down to return that night.

– TNA had plans in place to bring down a cage roof for the Lethal Lockdown match last Sunday but during rehearsals, something malfunctioned with the mechanism that lowers the roof and they had to do away with the plan. This is why Sting brought the weapons down to the ring.

– Internally, the feeling was that Lockdown wasn’t a total hit but was saved by the big angle with Bully Ray and Aces & 8s at the end. There was talk of having Ray and Devon hit a 3D on Jeff Hardy to end the match but officials wanted the focus to be on Ray and not the reunion of Team 3D.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

      The “Big Angle” was seen coming 500 miles away. Bitchoff has a show called Devils Ride about a biker gang, all of a sudden a biker gang group shows up on TNA, coincidence much? Not really. The group consists of guys who have NOTHING to do with motorcycles.

      The group also consist of WWE castaways and the geriatric (Mike Knox, Luke Gallows, D-Von/Bully Ray, D-Lo Brown) and the utterly worthless (Garrett Bitchoff and Wes Brisco who was also a WWE reject).

      • Kage

        Yes, there are a lot of WWE castaways, but I wouldn’t call the men you listed as “geriatric” or “utterly worthless”. Knox and Gallows are great peformers, and 3D have gotten into the best shapes of their careers (Ray in particular). Wes has only just debuted, and Garrett is still only a rookie. The only person I’d have to agree with is D-Lo.
        Oh, and A & 8’s are seen riding bikes all the time…

        • Kage

          Oh, and I should point out that the entire point of A & 8’s is that they ARE mid-carders and/or wrestlers burned by the ‘system’.

    • Kage

      I was very disappointed with Lockdown this year. The Kurt/Wes match felt more like a squash than a war, the Lethal Lockdown match felt like the competitors were simply going through the motions, and Jeff/Bully felt too slow-paced for me. Also, there was no blood! WTF! Has there been any word on whether TNA has banned blading?

      Still, the Bully turn was very well done, and I’m stoked that he’s a heel once more. I also found the 3-way tag match to be great…I just hope Rood/Aries and Bad Influence can co-exist whithin the company. I’d hate to see on team swallow the other.

      The only solution… FORM A STABLE!

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