Why Roode Didn’t Win: Was Hogan Behind It?, & More News

Posted by Brad Davis October 17, 2011 Comments are off

Credit: f4wonline.com

— Original plans for Sunday’s TNA Bound For Glory event called for Bobby Roode to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title from . Plans were changed fairly close to the night of the pay-per-view, and it’s unclear whether they were changed before or after ’s public comments about Roode not being ready. A popular theory is that Hogan suggested Roode not win at Bound For Glory so Hogan’s face turn would be remembered as the biggest moment of the night.

The end of the Angle-Roode match saw Angle, who was selling a leg injury, holding on to the ropes to make the pin and the referee not seeing Roode’s arm under the ropes.

One source says we can expect Bobby Roode to win the TNA title in the coming weeks, possibly at the next PPV, if not sooner on an episode of Impact.

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— Sources say TNA is eager to push Jeff Hardy to the top of the company again.

— There’s talk of and Hogan teaming up at the next PPV against Ric Flair and a partner.

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