Why TNA Released Tara & Doc, Note on RVD’s Departure, More Releases?

Posted by Matt Boone July 17, 2013 12 Comments

- TNA released Tara as a cost-cutting move. Regarding Doc’s release, his contract negotiations went on too long and his deal expired. Doc had been figured into creative plans with an eventual babyface turn.

Doc’s departure is being blamed on Bruce Prichard, head of Creative and Talent Relations.

Regarding Rob Van Dam’s release earlier this year, one source claimed that RVD stopped getting his phone calls returned by TNA officials.

Sources claim Tara was far and away the highest paid Knockout in TNA and the decision was made to shift that money elsewhere.

More TNA releases are expected and sources insist they will continue to change various things in the company.

Source: PWInsider

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    • hmw


      • lola

        it so it they have no talent anymore
        I really liked tara and crimson and they both were cut
        I give the company another two years before it files bankruptcy or just closes

        • jefgena

          everybody has been saying for years hat 2 more years tna will be gone hummm still here folks

      • Ray

        Has been said for the past decade.

        • 123

          Now its finally going to happen

        • Kyle Christie

          Seems like there is more of a chance now.

    • rebel1_21

      Because Tara and Gail Kim are two of the best wrestlers on the roster, they should have been higher paid.

    • Hollywood HOgan

      “and the decision was made to shift that money elsewhere.” To my checking account, brother!

    • Darth

      If you want to make a cost-cutting move try releasing Hogan.

      • Beer Money Jobber

        The last time Hogan & his doo rag covering toilet seat bald head were relevant was with the NWO in WCW.

        • Darth

          He was semi relevant in the late nineties, early 2000’s when he was feuding with Steve Austin. Even then he was only relevant because of the name I just mentioned.

    • grg

      let’s just go to wwe and make your money there !! :D

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