Why Vickie Re-Hired AJ, Touts from USA Guy, Flair’s Daughter

Posted by Matt Boone November 2, 2012 8 Comments

- WWE Superstar Derrick Bateman had knee surgery earlier this week but that doesn’t mean his USA Guy character has to stop sending out Touts, which you can see on his Tout page.

– Vickie Guerrero re-hiring AJ Lee as a member of the WWE Divas roster is building to a singles match between the two.

– Officials at WWE developmental have been impressed with how well Ashley Flair’s mic work has improved. Ashley has been performing under the name Charlotte. One source said he wouldn’t be surprised to see her on one of WWE’s main TV shows before mid-2013 because of the name value alone.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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    • mehhhhh

      a singles match between vicky and aj. sounds terrible

    • http://twitter.com/SSKingofPwnage Shamir Smith

      Obviously, the match between AJ and Vickie would be more for entertainment value and story-telling than a technically proficient spectacle! Think of Trish vs Stephanie at No Way Out 2001 as an example where you can have a good match even if at least one of the people isn’t really a wrestler!

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