Why WWE Officials Kept John Cena Off Monday’s RAW

Posted by Matt Boone March 13, 2013 25 Comments

- WWE officials specifically scripted John Cena not to appear on Monday’s RAW from Indianapolis because WWE Champion The Rock couldn’t be there. They did not want to bring attention to the fact that the WWE Champion wasn’t there on the Road to WrestleMania 29.

They went against the idea of having Cena come out and cut an in-ring promo because The Rock would have looked weak not being there to respond to it. They also did not want to put it out there that Rock was in South Korea at a GI Joe 2 movie premiere. The decision was made to just air the video package for their match.

Source: PWInsider

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    • Guest771190

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the upside to having an absentee champion.

      • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

        I’ll take part time Rock over no Rock any day of the week. Not being there every week during the final buildup to WrestleMania 29 is not good – but not being there every week will also prevent his character from getting overexposed. Look at it in a positive way – The Rock is one of the biggest movie stars in the world – he doesn’t need WWE – and he’s working around his insane schedule to show up as much as he can.

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          You just completely contradicted yourself. He’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world BUT it’s good he’s won’t be over exposing himself? I say f**k the Rock. Give me a champ who will wrestle on Raw and not just when 50 bucks is being paid. Punk and Cena wrestle house shows and Rock is too busy to show up on the road to the biggest show of the year….yeah take the title off him ASAP and wish him best on his future endevors. He’s using the same shtick that was old 10 years ago let alone 2013. When he’s gone filming Gay Men racing fast cars 6, the wrestling world will be better for it.

          • LBlock18

            woah some 1 is up? did the rock not give you an autograph during the attitude era or do you want boring john wena as champ? I love the IWC y’all have me roll’n over here

        • http://www.facebook.com/nancey.elkins Nancey Johnson Elkins

          He isn’t a movie star to me………………and he sure can’t sing on WWE.

        • Guest336612

          I will admit that I loved the Rock during that era that everyone pines over but now hes barely a shell of that guy. His feud with Punk was awful because none of his promos were worth a damn. For instance, he called Punk Cookiepuss because Punk wanted Ice Cream bars but not 30 mins earlier Punk admitted to everyone that he didnt care about Ice Cream bars. The story about the 16 yr old Rock was awful and rambling and reeked of Cenas horrible Star Wars thing he did. Its painfully obvious that superstars are being instructed to hold back when it comes to mic work with the Rock and no matter how much mainstream exposure he provides the cost of substandard wrestling is far higher. Im sure Once In A Lifetime 2: Rest Hold Boogaloo will be fantastic but if you miss it, dont worry itll be on again at WM 30.

    • morrisonfanone

      So, Cena’s not getting a chance to be on TV because the WWE Champion is too busy being a movie star? I can’t wait until he takes the title from Rock. It’ll be so nice to have the Champ on TV once Cena wins.

      • Knock

        Rock should stay champ as long as he wants if its going to get Cena off the tv. This past monday was just amazing with Punk, Kane, Taker, and Lesnar.

      • LBlock18

        give my a break! John Wena is over rated all he does is get emotional on the mic whereas Punk can do EVERYTHING and you say Cena? wow he can’t even do the stf right and honestly his ring performance sucks look up Sara Del Ray yeah I said it some women wrestlers can out wrestle him

        • OiBois85

          I don’t care or give a f**kin damn. i would give a damn however if a woman got into WWE, then….she f**king took her dog or two dogs—-and physically kicked Cena’s motherf**king ass inside of the WWE ring!!!! LIVE ON PAY PER VIEW AND OR…..LIVE ON RAW OR SMACKDOWN!!!!

      • blueblue

        I don’t think Cena deserves to be champion.
        The Rock being champion might be used against The Rock. How the hell is that fair or right??

        OOPS!! I forgot….
        Boreton is still a motherf**king heel right now. I HATE THIS F**KING NON FROSTED PART OF WWE!! ORTON TEAMING UP WITH RYBACK AND SHEAMUS SUCKS!

        Ryback or Sheamus as champion is pathetic lousy nonsensical stupidity and non-entertaining crap. As is Cena as champion. Same goes for HHH being champion right now or even C.M. Punk.

        Nothing is right in WWE right now.

        I think that the woman who wants to have 1-2 dogs and get into WWE should also let her dogs bite/attack or maul Ryback, Sheamus and The Shield too!

        WHY??? You may be asking yourselves…

        Because now the WWE has Orton teaming up with two guys who he doesn’t need to team up with and that make him look horribly bad. Not only that but they didn’t earn his respect and if they did, then they too can put on a bite suit and be attacked by a dog or two. For p*ssing someone off who used to like Randy Orton when he was behaving like a good guy but is now behaving like a heel.


        So THIS is the “non-frosted” side of WWE of which Triple H spoke of a few years ago….

    • punk

      Funny how punk runs the show with out the title. Good job wwe you suck

    • Wall

      i honesty did not notice that neither of them were there

    • http://www.facebook.com/jason.verhine Jason P. Verhine

      WOW, so Cena has to suffer not doing what he loves because the movie star that never deserved another title shot, and never shows up to defend it is busy with hollywood.
      That’s BS…

      • WTF

        He didn’t suffer since he didn’t have a problem with it.

      • LBlock18

        well except for you and the band of Cena followers that follow him he does what he loves but we the real wrestling fans don’t love what he does maybe he should go down to NXT and get “repackaged”

    • http://www.facebook.com/scottjschilling86 Scott Joseph Schilling

      I’m sure the rock brings the wwe title with him to promote WWE. Also, the rock only has a part time contract with WWE. So yes he won’t be making a ton of raw appearances. I knew that when he came back in 2011.

      • Joe B

        Exactly and Brock Lesnar wrestles even less than the Rock. Yes he’s WWE champion, but he didn’t need to even come back, he has made his money, but he does love the business, and let’s face it, Vince wants him and needs him there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/anthonyan.jennifer Anthony An Jennifer

      thats bullshit, so since rock is in Korea doing his movie premier, the WWE universe little kids included couldnt see Cena, someone they look up to, the kids and the WWEU loves Cena, thats they money maker, i bet had people known Cena wasnt goin to be there alot of people wouldnt have came,

      • Joe B

        Cena actually did wrestle when Raw went off the air in a dark match. As far as the WWEU loving Cena, it is 50/50 at best, maybe not even that good, The Cena sucks chants sound louder than the Lets go Cena chants (partially because the kiddie voices are not as loud as the adults who don’t like Cena). Either way, the fans have a love/hate relationship with Cena.

        • Brendan53

          The real fans of WWE….tend to be IWC smarks.
          The kids ands teenagers don’t iike Cena and the adults have had and have “Cena nuff” of him too.

      • LBlock18

        he needs to go on vacation and maybe if we’re lucky never come back……….O i’m sorry I meant Cena Wrestling is for Adults you have Santino for the kids

      • StomperBois

        If Cena is the so called, “money maker” for WWE then how come at stores like Target and Wal Mart and K Mart and on magazine newsstands…..anything with Cena on it or with a photo of him on it or posters and pinups of him in a magazine or more magazines DO NOT SELL ANY ISSUES???

        Isn’t Cena supposed to be a good guy? Then if he’s a good guy…why did he not only say and do bad things to other superstars but get away with it???

        Is Orton trying to do the same and are other WWE Superstars doing that as well and following poor examples of how to be have which they’ve been led to do by John Cena himself. Or is Randy Orton having to p*ss off a woman planning to get into WWE so she knows that it’s important to be cautious about everyone that is in WWE??

        Could be, could be indeed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nancey.elkins Nancey Johnson Elkins

      The Rock doesn’t need to be WWE Champion if he is to busy being a movie star instead of promoting WWE and WrestleMania 29.

    • michael brooks

      Rock tweeted the that Monday that he was in korea, doing press tour for the movie,it was no secret

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