Will Linda McMahon Run Again?, Photo from Election Night

Posted by Matt Boone November 7, 2012 8 Comments

- As noted before, Linda McMahon lost her second bid for the United States Senate. The Connecticut Mirror reported last night that that Linda has already said she will not run again in 2014.

Linda was joined last night by Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and others as she gave her concession speech. Here’s a photo:

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    • King James

      So does this mean that Vince will stop running Raw on eggshells?

      • Caleb43

        i certainly hope so.

    • shane-o-mac

      Hahaha, a mcmahon fails with an outside wrestling endeavor for the 100th time. I read somewhere that linda could of gave every college student in conneticut a 1,000 dollar scholarship with the money she wasted on her campaigns, f’n nuts. As for people thinking now wwe will ditch pg, that likely won’t happen. Vince does pg for sponsor money not linda’s. Campaign. Money can’t buy you everything linda, the people have spoken twice.

      • Original CM Punk

        Where have you been? EVERYONE knows the only reason WWE is PG is because of the McMahon campaign…those running against her would use the WWE product against her citing several incidents from the attitude era…in response…WWE would make statements about how “their product is PG and appeals to the whole family.” Go read a book.

        • shane-o-mac

          Just because linda got attacked for her wwe past does not mean it has anything to do with wwe going pg. It was a weakness the opponent targeted. Just like if you ran, someone would probably use the fact that you argue with people on a wrestling site. Bottom line vince went to pg to get more sponsorship money. and anyone using linda as an excuse is doing just that making up false excuses.

      • suckabama

        Its politics, of course people spend a lot of money on campaigns. Look at the money obama and romney spend.
        Obama has so many offices located around the country to spread his name.
        It’s a disease.

        • Typical American

          Y’all get off my gritz while i chew this uh…. TOBACCI! That Obama is a terrible king of the U.S.A he is black and he should not have any rights YEEE-HAW!!!!! USA USA USA USA God im stupid

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