Will Orton Cash In on Bryan?, Backstage News on WWE Title Plans, More

Posted by Matt Boone July 18, 2013 11 Comments

- Word going around WWE is that the current plan for SummerSlam has Daniel Bryan defeating John Cena for the WWE Title, only to see Randy Orton cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, take the WWE Title and finally make his long-awaited heel turn.

It’s possible WWE announces the Randy Orton neck injury on RAW and keep him off TV for a few weeks, that way his cash in at SummerSlam will be more of a surprise.

Another sign that Orton will be cashing in at SummerSlam is that as of this week, there is no Bryan vs. Cena rematch planned for September’s Night of Champions pay-per-view.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Bad

    Gonna screw Bryan like they did dolph. What a bunch of clowns they have writing this crap. No one knows how to put a story together anymore.

    • jussayin

      bs the way they booked dolph was actually nice for him to become a bigger face and del rio getting even more heel heat, except he just got out of the title picture and written into a feud with big e…

      • Bad

        Yah, except for the fact that he is a natural heel like Jericho. And face zigg is only good for about 5 seconds. And heel del rio is good for no time cause no one really cares either way. AJ dolph as champs same time was never even given a chance, despite how well it went for lota and edge. But then again they are pandering to fans like you these days so who knows anymore. Hope RVD gets in on the world title hunt. It’s the same way DB is a more prone to face. Why force dolph against his grain? Makes no sense.

  • Dragda1

    Can’t wait for Orton to go heel. Plus side is that Orton n Bryan have better matches than census/Orton, census/Bryan.

  • Beer Money Jobber

    C’mon, let Bryan be more than a 5 minute transitional champ. Let him run with it for a while.
    Why can’t the WWE wait until Survivor Series to have Orton cash in MITB & turn heel.
    Btw, Orton is much better as a heel.

  • probb

    these are long term projects with bryan dolph and cmpunk these guys are the future of the company

  • Cody McDowd

    Finally!! Heel orton returns. He is an ultimate heel and will definitely make for good pay per view matches as the evil viper!

  • Cody McDowd

    I hope that bryan gets the title back from orton though if this goes down. this transitional champion stuff is getting old when it comes to certain talents the audience wants to see wearing the strap.

  • king

    yes yes yes yes!!! i am dying to see Cena Tap Out to Bryan. so nobody could tell him that he is the Weak Link. & Orton turning Heel- wow!!! feeling good to see some good action

  • Kage

    Internet: YES! Orton is a heel again! And he’s a champion again!!!

    *2 months later*

    Internet: Orton sucks! Why is he ALWAYS in the title scene?! Focus on someone NEW!11!1

  • Arvind

    i just feel that bryan will turn heel after winning the title from cena

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