Will Triple H Punish The Superstars Who Helped Daniel Bryan On RAW?

Posted by Brad Davis September 18, 2013 4 Comments

WWE.com has published a video of COO talking about what will happen to the wrestlers who came to the ring and helped Daniel Bryan at the conclusion of Monday’s RAW.

Michael Cole asked Triple H if the superstars will be punished. Triple H says he doesn’t have time to walk around and punish people for actions like that. There’s a lot of jealousy in WWE with only a certain few people at the top of the card.

Triple H said his friend Floyd Mayweather is the most hated man in boxing. His success creates anger, jealousy and bitterness – and that’s what we are seeing now in WWE.

He will address the superstars who helped Daniel Bryan on SmackDown, but the issue is so far beneath him, he doesn’t feel like he should have to deal with it.

When asked about the fast count in the main event of Night of Champions and why it appeared he didn’t want to hear Daniel Bryan’s story, Triple H said Daniel Bryan is crying conspiracy and what occured spoke for itself. Triple H said he’ll continue to look into the situation, but Daniel Bryan will get a rematch against Randy Orton at Battleground – with the winner being crowned the WWE Champion.

Triple H also spoke aabout Randy Orton being the new face of WWE, Dusty Rhodes’ actions on RAW and more.