What Will The Undisputed Champion Of WWE Be Called?, WWE Main Event Match

Posted by Matt Boone December 3, 2013 9 Comments

WWE announced a singles match between Goldust and Ryback for this week’s edition of WWE Main Event. The match was made official on this week’s edition of WWE RAW from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Also announced on RAW in the WWE App poll is the name of the champion following the WWE TLC pay-per-view in two weeks. Whoever wins between John Cena and Randy Orton will be called the “The Unified Champion” of WWE.

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    • Ice

      The Unified Championship is one horrible title name

      • twet

        as big as they handle it right now they’ll probably come up with a “brilliant” idea, such as each competitor grabs one title, or orton wins by help of outside interference and they turn it into supercena vs the authority…
        anyway they will come up with some nonsense bs

      • troll

        unified champion is great for cena as he has both male and female parts

    • Wall

      just call them the name of what ever champ wins. if cena win, then your the world heavy weight champion. if orton wins, your the wwe champs… whats so hard about that?

    • Taio Smalls

      How about both belts be held, and change the WWE title back to the smackdown belt back in 03. Or that can just be the undisputed title.

      • Guest

        That’d kind of be dumb in all honesty.

    • Jeremy Doescher

      you know cena is going to win, he is WWES BITCH!!!

      • Guest

        If thing’s turnt out differently we’d be saying the same thing about Punk and Bryan…glass houses and stone and all that.

    • D

      Calling it the “unified” championship reeks of PC language. It takes away any remote connection to a contest or situation in which someone could possibly LOSE and hence, not be a winner ‘like all the other kids’…the word “undisputed” is a strong word that signifies the struggle taking place to become the number one. Why they’re doing this makes the belt even less significant, I believe…

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