Will WWE Stop Using the Tout Service on Raw?

In recent weeks, WWE has toned down the use of Tout on television, suggesting they were pulling back on the social media video service that WWE invested in.

However that’s not case as WWE CFO George Barrios said this week that viewers “will continue to see is integrated more and more into all our shows; we have been kind of Raw centric.” Barrios noted that WWE temporally pulled back in order to enhance the “production values” during TV broadcasts and to determine how to incorporate Tout into taped shows.

Tout is here to stay, especially when WWE is trying to find ways to monetize their social media presence.

“I think you will continue to see it in more and more shows and we’re going to continue to be creative in how we use it,” Barrios said at the 40th Annual UBS Global Media conference. “I think you are also seeing the production values as our talent and our fans get more accustomed to using it. The quality of the 15 seconds improves. So I think you are going to see that as well. But, we like the platform a ton. We love our engagement. It gets back to the whole social media element of it.”

Barrios also noted the company became interested in working with Tout after they “became fascinated by the technology.” He added, “We really thought, ‘Boy, we are going to really drive the value of this company by integrating it,’ and we have.”

Source: SeekingAlpha.com