William Regal Puts Over Antonio Cesaro In A Big Way, Bad News For Sin Cara

Posted by Michael Bluth January 28, 2014 4 Comments

- On Monday’s RAW, JBL had a line on commentary where he called East Carolina University the “Harvard of the South.” The remark was a nod to Vince and Linda McMahon, who both attended the school.

- Despite Sin Cara’s renewed push on WWE television, f4wonline.com reports that WWE has essentially given up on the character. The reason Sin Cara remains on television is due to strong merchandise sales and the character appearing in WWE’s upcoming Scooby Doo animated movie.

- William Regal tweeted the following about Antonio Cesaro on Monday night:

  • troll

    Antonio cesaro. manliest of mans

  • Undertaker316

    why would wwe give up on the character now that hunico is portraying it hunico has been doing great as sin cara without that character hunico is back to being in tag team matches with camacho on nxt and superstars

  • HottRoddTX

    hope Cesaro is pushed more into the World Title picture this year. Elimination Chamber is a start.

  • SaMa

    Cesaro has a big future ahead of him.
    but that could always turn to shit since he’s in WWE.

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