William Regal Talks About The Future Of WWE, Survivor Series Theme

– WWE pushed an article earlier this week featuring several top superstars, as well as Triple H, talking about their respect for William Regal. They have now published an interview with the man himself. Here’s what William Regal said about the future of the business:

“WWE NXT is something incredible and special. It’s just great to see the fellows get there and work hard and do everything that they’ve got to do. You get to see them flourish. When it gets down to brass tacks, the same people who are making it now, if they had been around in my generation, would have made it just the same.”

“I’m not one of those guys that goes knocking everything and everybody saying, ‘Back in my day … ” I can safely say at this point in my career that I’ve done as much, if not more, than anybody in this job. But there’s nothing I hate worse than all that nonsense. The ones who make it now; they earn it. They all earn their spots. They all work hard, they all create. They all have to be really good at this. You could coast through this a few years ago by just looking a certain way or genetics, but not anymore. You look in that ring now and these fellows can all go, and go as good as anyone.”

– The official theme song for WWE Survivor Series is “How I Feel” by Flo Rida. WWE has publishd the following video of past Survivor Series highlights featuring the song: