Woman Upset After Del Rio Tears Up Sign, Writes Angry Letter

Posted by Matt Boone October 9, 2012 6 Comments

- Shelly Ehler recently won the reality TV show Shark Tank but is now lashing out against WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. Ehler took her 8 year old son to a WWE live event in Anaheim, California over the weekend and is upset after Del Rio ripped up the kids sign for Sheamus, who was facing Del Rio that night.

Ehler told TMZ that her son was terrified by Del Rio’s actions and instantly burst into tears. Ehler called Del Rio a bully. According to Ehler, she told Del Rio that he made her son cry and he mocked the kid in response.

After Ehler’s son cried all the way home, she vented her frustrations to WWE Superstars on Twitter and then wrote an angry letter to WWE officials. In the letter she says, “Take signs from adults NOT KIDS! My son was bullied by your superstars and it is not okay.”

Ehler claims that Ricardo Rodriguez mocked her on Twitter but Sheamus offered to send her son a signed photo and meet with him the next time he’s in town.

  • Hurricane jeb

    Lady welcome to the world of wrestling.

  • Jayfur

    Pussification of the world has leaked in to wrestling.

  • Jimmy

    hahaha, that is great. I wouldve loved if a wrestler stole a sign from me when I was a kid. Even though I never took a sign to a wresting match. I always felt the people who did take signs and had them ripped up by wrestlers were lucky and God liked them better than me.

    • Jayfur

      lol, god liked them better then me. lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/iscentertainment Rashard Hayes

    Aww stop being a pussy

  • Canuck 703

    Um Hello it’s wrestling & Alberto Del Rio is a major heel.

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